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 Eknath Lalitchandra

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Origin: Velklam

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown


DOB: Unknown


Natural Necromancy. Killing and reviving of dead things through physical contact with the object/being in question. Not limited to animals.

Magic-Enhanced Necromancy. Refinement of natural skill to include the ability to kill and/or revive animal beings either through direct contact or from a distance by using an object to focus energy. Includes the ability to control the revived beings. Works best on mammals.

Enhanced Senses. Minimal. Hearing above that of a normal human, sensitivity largely due to the fact that he has very little in the way of interaction with living things that make any amount of noise. Therefore, any slight change to the environment is noticed. Also has spectacular vision, movement can be detected through thick fogs and plants. In addition, is very sensitive to touch, though this rarely comes into play due to a covering wardrobe.


Eknath Lalitchandra was born to parents who either did not want him or had no means to keep him. Named by a man who he remembers only vaguely as Uncle, the majority of the childhood spent with what he assums was his family is foggy. There are almost no memories from that time, though Eknath does remember the first time he saw Uncle's coat. It was quite long, made of an unnecessarily heavy fabric that many would consider a hindrance, but the child Eknath admired it greatly.

The circumstances of his leaving home are also missing, though he did leave with the coat in his possession, though at the time he was still far too small to wear the garment properly. For some time after, Eknath wandered alone. He claims not to have memories from these times either, but certain utterances indicate otherwise.

While passing through a city, still in early adolescence, a man came across the young elf who was playing with a kitten by pressing his hand to it in a slow, repetitive measure, reanimating and killing the creature over and over again. Its back end had been crushed by a horse's hoof, and it was dead when the elf first found it. Eknath, before this point, was unfamilliar with what it meant to be dead or alive, and therefore did not know that his actions were in any way abnormal. Due to his gifts, The Man took him in and decided to teach him how to better use his abilities, showing the young elf how to manipulate them for his own benefit.

One day, after having learned a great deal from The Man, the elf simply wandered off. He followed the moon to another city sleeping when the sun was up wherever he could find shelter and wandering the streets at night. From time to time, he found odd jobs to do and found that his favourite form of payment involved sparkling, shining jewels that would catch the light and entrance the elf. It was an established pattern, wandering from place to place, gathering treasures that he did not feel a willingess to spend in exchange for the gifts that came naturally and the skill that was taught by The Man.

For some time, possibly centuries though Eknath was not interested in keeping track, he continued in this way until he happened upon a particular forest. The locals feared it, citing demons and evil spirits for the ominous air they felt past the first few scattered shrubs. Curiosity and the path of the moon brought the elf into the depths of the forest, eventually leading him to a gnarled, twisted old tree who died and petrified long ago. It stood near a forgotten grave yard, the plots marked with crude stones that did not bear any name. It was there that he settled, building for himself a home in the tree, a safe place to sleep and keep his many treasures.

Though the moon lost its hold on him, Eknath could not stop from wandering. He sought out jobs when he became bored, or when he could feel unrest stirring in the air. The tree simply gave him a home to return to, and a large field of planted people to speak to should he ever become lonely.


    Eknath is quite tall, though he rarely stands at his full height. Instead, he slouches to avoid being seen. His hair is dark red, sometimes appearing black or brown if there isn't enough light to reflect, and it falls down - when free - to the middle of his back due to forgetfulness and neglecting haircuts. His eyes are black in colour, though the sclera is white as per the average humanoid appearance. His lips are quite nearly the same colour as the rest of his skin, and are badly chapped that do crack and bleed whenever he is convinced to speak for long periods of time. There are no recorded scars, birth marks, or other identifying features, though his fingernails are almost all different lengths from breakage or biting and he ocassionally has bite marks on his knuckles from a nervous habit. Even if there are any marks, due to layered, very covering garments they would not be visible.

    personality. Blunt. Tends to come off as uncaring and rude due to underdeveloped social skills. Eknath can be described as calculating, though he is not cold; he simply does not know how to behave otherwise. He is actually quite childish, very simple when it comes to wants and needs, and can find amusement in simple things. Around large numbers of people he is skittish and frightens easily though this can be unapparent.

    additional. Wears a pendant made of a multi-coloured piece of glass encased in a thin wire on a silver chain, and it can be used to concentrate his power and he never takes it off. Cats and kittens are generally drawn to him, and if they get lost in the forest will find his home and recieve a place to stay and food for as long as they please.


There were too many bodies, too tightly packed in a room with very poor ventilation. Many were near enough to touch if he so much as flinched in one direction or another, even with his back pressed against the corner. Arms locked around his waist as he rocked himself slightly, mumbling under his breath and watching everyone move about through a curtain of crimson hair. There was no doubt, for once, that the bodies around him were alive. The heat that radiated off of them was hot enough to burn through the layers of cloth that shielded nearly translucent skin from being seen or, indeed, touched by any person.

Black eyes refocused down at the ground before him, taking in the grain of the wood beneath his feet. Shadows danced across his vision as the candles that lit the room flickered and people moved before them. It reminded him of the forest at night, when the moon was high and the wind unforgiving, oh how the shadows would dance those nights! It was as if there was a puppet show and it was all for him to watch and enjoy, though he did not know the story that started long before his birth.

Somewhat more relaxed with these thoughts, the elf breathed a sigh of relief. One gloved hand clenched tighter around a small cloth pouch, pressed closest to the wall in an almost protective manner. That little pouch and its contents were the reason that he was present in the first place. Rubies, saphires, all manner of sparkling, shining rock that people would kill for. It was these that he took as his payment, and the only thing that could make him want to be in this stuffy little room with all these living people. The urge to check to see that each glittering gem was still there was strong, but he could tell by the feel of it that each little stone was present and accounted for.

Even with his full payment in hand, these people made his skin crawl. They were disgusting, and quite honestly sickened him to his core. While around them he would not eat, would not sleep, and would take nothing from them but his gems. His purpose was to act as a cog in a machine, to be a tool for them to use to conquer... whatever lands it was they desired and did not belong to them. What good were fallen soldiers on a field of battle if there was not someone to make them rise up and mindlessly destroy all in their path? That was his job. That was what he was needed for. Oh, those dead things would be so much more pleasant to be around than all of these warm, stinking, putrid humans.

"Necromancer!" One of the men - perhaps a general of sorts, he did not care to know - called out, his face twisted in an animalistic sneer. He clearly did not care much for magics such as they were, though his superiors had hired this strange, quiet thing that seemed to scuttle away from them when they moved.

The harshness of the tone caused the elf to flinch, though he did draw himself up to full height to tower neatly over the majority of the room. Head cocked to the side, black eyes shone through the bloody strands of hair and white, cracked lips formed what could only be called a smile though it showed far too many teeth. His expression caused the man who called him to pale visibly though he, being a man hardened by war and therefore fearing nothing that he would admit to, stood his ground.

"My name," the elf began in a voice that resembled gravel beneath cart wheels, "is not Necromancer, human. My name is Eknath Lalitchandra. How may I be of service?"

[FULL BODY IMAGE HERE (if you have one)]


20 | MALE | CST

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Eknath Lalitchandra
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