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 So Yeah, I Love You and Stuff...

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PostSubject: So Yeah, I Love You and Stuff...   Wed Dec 26, 2012 6:56 pm

Clint: *still clinging, just trying to ignore how beaten up he is*

Loki: -rubs his archer's back, doesn't know how hurt he is yet-

Clint: *winces due to burns on his back; long-sleeved shirt covering bandages on his arms*

Loki: -feels him wince- What is the matter?

Clint: S'nothin'...really. *lying through his goddamn teeth* Little banged up from my last job.

Loki: ... I thought you were past this, my dear. -pucks Clint up over his shoulder, going to take him somewhere for an inspection-

Clint: Ah!! *groans* Holy /fuck/, WHY?

Loki: You are injured. -sets Clint down on a counter in the bathroom because he can see everything there- And you lied about it.

Clint: I'm always injured. *hiss, wincing* And you know I don't always talk about it. What's the big deal? *defensive, feeling vulnerable in from of the god /yet again/ and hating it*

Loki: Hmph. -strips Clint's shirt off and just glares at the injuries, especially his back- Barton....

Clint: *glaring* You do realize that isn't my first name, right? *heavy sigh, rubs at his face* Chopper I was on went down over a mountain range in southern Estonia...I was the only one who walked away from it. I lost sixteen men--good soldiers--because I got nervous for a split second and the rotors blew. Spiraled. Whole fucking thing was on fire. I thought I was gonna die. There's the truth. /Happy now/?

Loki: No. -presses his fingers into the ones that look worst- Because just walking away is not enough. -crushes Clint to his chest- I need to find a way to make you less fragile.

Clint: *oh /fuck/ this hurts so good, but it still huuuuuurts* Can't fix what's been broken since birth, babe...*hugs back tightly as he can*

Loki: I can and I will. -stubborn- At least find a way to prevent these accidents...

Clint: Loki...you'd have to shut off my powers to keep freak accidents from happening, but we do that I lose the benefits. I mean...what else can you think of to do? *snuggling up to his chest*

Loki: I can think of many things. -touches the wounds, knows he has a healing spell for this somewhere... Just not used often-

Clint: *quiet* Loki, c'mon...feeling fragile enough, can we just...I dunno. Hungry or anything? I just need to distract myself...

Loki: And so you want to eat? -sceptical-

Clint: *frustrated, kindve SNAPS* I don't know what I want, okay? I hurt all over, I'm exhausted, nearly died for the ninth time in eight months, I hate Christmas, and the man I love doesn't actually love me back! *clinging to him regardless, a lightbulb somewhere pops*

Loki: ... You misjudge things. And this holiday was much more fun before Yeshua. Much more drinking. -kisses- And sex. And fighting but that happens around the holidays.

Clint: *kisses back, but still kinda looks angry/hurt* ...misjudge things. Right.

Loki: You do. -smooths back Clint's hair- Would you like to go somewhere special, my dear archer?

Clint: Don't feel up to going anywhere...*closes his eyes, just leaning against Loki*

Loki: If you ever want to go anywhere at all, I will take you. -holds Clint and rests his cheek on the top of his head- Food should be in order. I'm certain you have something.

Clint: *quiet* I know you will...*clings tighter for a second and lets go* Not even hungry...I dunno. *heavyass sigh* Look, I know my problems are small and petty and mortal, but...they're my problems. And, Loki...I'm fucking scared, okay? Stray bullet, roll out of an explosion wrong, get hit by a fucking /car/ while crossing the street...I'm toast.

Loki: I refuse to allow that. -pulls him back- I will watch you.

Clint: And why do you even care?! I'm a goddamn goldfish in a bowl to you!

Loki: Should you choose to think of yourself that way, you are /my/ goldfish. I will not let you die easily.

Clint: Still gonna die. If not tomorrow, maybe the next day. *frustrated, tries to get off the counter* I need to take a walk...

Loki: /No/. -pushes Clint back on the counter, frustrated with him- You are not.

Clint: *scowling* You're just worried your toy's going to end up broken again...

Loki: -grabs Clint's jaw and squeezes tight, forces his head up- You are not an idiot. I would not be here if you were, so listen and listen well. I am possessive and I am selfish and you are mine. If keeping you safe an alive Means I must break your legs and lock you in another realm, I will. The only reason I do not is because you may find it unpleasant. Are my intentions understood?

Clint: *still looks angry, trying not to break down* ...I love you. You goddamn sociopathic idiotic son of a bitch. One day "you're mine" ain't gonna cut it. Are /my intentions/ understood?

Loki: -smiles- Yes, they are. -thinks Clint is precious, kisses his scowl lines-

Clint: *closes his eyes, quietly grumbling* ...you're an asshole, babe...

Loki: So I have been told. -kisses his eyes and holds on to him- If you still want that walk, you are welcome to it, but I would prefer to go with you.

Clint: No...s'okay. Feel like hell, it'd be a bad idea. It's just a...a defense mechanism. I've got a ton of 'em. Usually by "take a walk" I really mean "go roof-hopping and beat up random gang members to let off steam"...*relaxes just a tiny bit* I'm a nineteen year old in a thirtysomething year old body, I've had more near-death experiences and bullet wounds than people twice as old as this body in their entire lifetimes, and I'm supposed to be saving a group of people who don't give a flying fuck about me or anyone outside their own tiny world they've made. No kid should have to deal with any of this shit, and I've been doing it for almost four years now. I'm /tired/, but if I just roll over and quit, then I'm just the worthless piece of shit my dad always told me i'd be. People expect me to be this grinning dumbass who has luck on his side, never gets hurt and too stupid to stay out of trouble. So...I pretend that I'm bulletproof, and people got killed because of me. So yeah...sorry if I've been an asshole. Sorry if I've been avoiding you, 'cause I have been. Sorry I always unload this crap on you, but frankly no one else will really listen anymore. Even my best friend. He's got his own fucked up shit to deal with, though, so i'd feel like a bastard for ranting at him anyway...

Loki: Yes, it is best you not strain yourself too much. -rubs his shoulders- Not right now. You do put up a strong front before me. You can relax here. There is no one you need to protect. No one whose feelings you must spare from lashing out.

Clint: You make it hard not to wanna put up a tough guy front. I mean...when was the last time /you/ let yourself be vulnerable around me? You're closed off, guarded, all the fucking time...

Loki: I am much more open with you than I am with most. -stubborn- There are simply many things that I do not discuss. They upset people.

Clint: I pay attention, y'know? When Thor and the others get to talkin'...I know what you are, what you've done, what Odin did...pretty much everything Odin did...about your wife, and sortve what happened to her...kids...*shakes his head* I dunno...my life was fucked up, but all that? That's just insane. And not once have I seen you fucking cry, not even when you think I'm gone and can't see you. You keep that shit inside all the time, and one day you're gonna snap and...may sound selfish, but I know I'm gonna be the one closest who is gonna get the brunt of it, 'cause I'm not leaving. And I know I'm gonna get hurt. Probably hurt real bad. *shrugs* Used to it, though. But seriously...keeping all that shit bottled up...that's what's killing you.

Loki: -smooths his thumbs over the lines in Clint's face, studying him- You remind me of her when you do that. -continues looking for similarities- She was a fool too, when it came to loyalty.

Clint: Takes a fool to stay sane...

Loki: -chuckles, not entirely certain how he feels about this.- You are an interesting one.

Clint: If you say so...

Loki: You are. -kisses him and pulls him down off the counter so he can stand again- You should rest.

Clint: Yeah, probably...*leans against him, forehead on his shoulder*

Loki: -leads clint to the sofa. Closer- Here, sit. Rest. I need to look something up.

Clint: *just lets himself be led, eases onto his stomach on the couch and lays down*

Loki: -goes off to find his book, comes back in a few minutes and flips through it next to Clint- I will be able to fix your back at least. I just need a few things.

Clint: *turns his head to face Loki, raises his hand to comb fingers through Loki's hair, mumbling* Near the back of the book, earth and water elemental incantations for healing "salves" and stuff...

Loki: Hm... -begins to flip there automatically before freezing- How... How did you know that?

Clint: *fingertips pawing lightly at the back of Loki's neck; he just kindve /knew/, but isn't about to say that* Got bored one day while you weren't here. You left the book out.

Loki: -relaxes slightly, leans back- Of course...

Clint: Shouldn't let that thing get so damned dusty. Neat stuff in there. *snakes his arm around Loki's shoulders, pulls him back and kisses the back of his neck* You don't wear your ring much anymore, either. Don't need it?

Loki: -has no idea if he's referenced the ring in his writing or if he's just being jittery- I use it, but not for minor things. I probably should use it more than I do.

Clint: Mn...*kisses his neck again* ...hey. I meant what I said earlier.
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Posts : 13
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PostSubject: Re: So Yeah, I Love You and Stuff...   Sun Dec 30, 2012 6:25 pm

Loki: Which part? -physically relaxed, but the comment has him on edge-

Clint: That I love you...and I'm not going to abandon you.

Loki: -turns his head and rests his cheek on Clint's arm- I know. -lie-

Clint: I don't say it if I don't mean it.

Loki: You are a sweet man. -goes back to his healing spells- who needs his rest.

Clint: *eyerolls, pulls his arm away and thwaps his head* God, you're such an ass...

Loki: You love an ass, what does that say about you? -too snarky for his own good, has located a spell that just calls for water to heal-

Clint: I /know/ I'm an ass, and yeah I do love an ass. *sighs, mumbles* ...so why am I so damned sad?

Loki: You simply are. It happens from time to time. -gets up to fetch the water- And pain does not help.

Clint: Hmph...*just watches him*

Loki: -no comment and comes back with a bowl- This may hurt some until it gets better.

Clint: I can deal...*wriggles slightly* ...gotta be better than the explosion that caused it, right?
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So Yeah, I Love You and Stuff...
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