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 Unlocking a Door

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PostSubject: Unlocking a Door   Tue Dec 18, 2012 8:59 am

Sigyn: *hiding behind a tree being small and quiet...mostly hiding from Sif because she actually outsmarted her in training and she's pissed off at Sigyn*

Loki: -lurking in the tree, stage-whispers- What are we hiding from?

Sigyn: *jumps, tenses and looks around* I...may have wounded Lady Sif's pride...

Loki: ... Has she threatened you? -not sure if this follows the he shaved her head timeline-

Sigyn: As much as she threatens anyone that defeats her at her own games...She is a sore loser as well as a pretty poor winner, after all... *possible, idk either, time is wibbly-wobbly*

Loki: I won't let her hurt you. -lays on the branch so he can look at her and be comfortable- I won't let anyone, but especially her. She is annoying.

Sigyn: *leaning on the tree and looking up at him* My Fate is out of your hands, dear prince. The Allfather decides my Fate now, as he has since the day he wrenched me from my Home. Lady Sif is simply...headstrong. Being defeated by a healer, by a farmer's daughter, is shameful...While I do not seek my punishment, I will not shirk away should she find me. *smiles a little* My heart is warmed by your concern, though. Thank you...

Loki: Father may be in control of the kingdom but even he cannot decide all without help and influence. -meaning his mother but implying himself-

Sigyn: I am merely the spoils of war. My life is lesser than that of a lame dog. *glances around* Even speaking to you is dangerous, at least for now...*frowns a bit* I do not like that I am unable to choose my friends freely. If I am to be a prisoner, if I am forced to remain here and make this my home, should I not be allowed some comforts?

Loki: I am your friend unless you deem otherwise. And as Prince I say your life is far more valuable than that. More so than Sif's for certain. -still makes certain he is unseen if just for her safety-

Sigyn: Lady Sif is a warrior, something to which nearly all Asgardians aspire. *leans forehead againdt the tree, sighing* You are my friend because you and I are alike. Magick and wisdom are our strengths, not armor and brawn. Am I wrong?

Loki: No, you are correct. -watches quietly- warrior or no, I would sooner destroy her than assign her /worth/.

Sigyn: Do not speak of such things...I hold no love for Lady Sif, but...life is a precious thing. *looks up again* And she holds influence with your brother. I do not wish to see you punished...

Loki: Thor would not raise a hand to me, nor i to him. -because it's early and there's still love there.-

Sigyn: *quiet for a moment, looks up again* Meet me in my room in fifteen minutes? It's getting darker and I do not do well in the cold. *Vanir are magic-using hippie gods who rarely wear shoes, and the fact she's basically a prisoner-slave doesn't give her much money to buy anything new*

Loki: Yes. -no argument, no rearranging- Go get warm. I will be with you soon.

Sigyn: *wide smile, bites her lip before pulling her robes closed tighter and bolting down the path to the servants' hall*

Loki: -lounges a little longer before slipping down. Makes a quick stop at his mother's chambers (empty) and grabs one of her old cloaks from when she was a girl. Sticks to shadows, arrives at Sigyn's door in precisely fifteen minutes-

Sigyn: *changed into more comfortable clothes (less constricting), hair braided loosely over her shoulder as she peeks out the door and hurries Loki in before anyone sees him there* I apologize for inconveniencing you...

Loki: it is no inconvenience. -fidgets with his bundle, shoves it in her general direction- You're always cold! -blurts and looks embarrassed-

Sigyn: *jumps slightly, eyes wide...laughs quietly, though* I suppose I am. *lays her hand on the rolled cloak, smiling at him* Thank you, but...are you sure I should accept this? I...*quieter, both hands on it now, moving to brush her fingers over his* ...thank you.

Loki: -Blushes and nods- Yes, I'm certain. It will not be missed and it is plain. It will not cause you trouble.

Sigyn: *takes the cloak and hugs it to her chest, beaming; not materialistic, but gifts are a big deal* Thank you... *steps up on her tiptoes and JUST manages to kiss his cheek, stepping back quickly and looking at the floor, actually doesn't apologize for invading his space for once*

Loki: -turns several unprincely shades of red an settles on his feet, hands behind his back- You're welcome. You should not have to go cold.

Sigyn: *unrolls the cloak and lays it across the foot of her bed for the time being, fidgeting with the fabric between her fingers before turning back to Loki* I want to share something with you. *crawls onto the bed, sitting on her knees and holding her hand out to him* Please. Sit with me.

Loki: -takes her hand and sits with her curiously- What is it? -doesn't seem urgent so he can only wonder-

Sigyn: *releases his hand, both of hers coming to either side of his head, not touching but almost, fingertips glowing faintly* There are magicks--very old magicks--that Asgard cannot teach you. I am not strong enough to unlock them fully within you, but...I can plant the seed so they will grow rather than remain dormant... *eyes close, breathing deeply, fingertips resting lightly against his temples* ...none shall be your equal, my prince.

Loki: -heart pounding, excited about this. Can't think of anything he could want more right then- And you would give this to me? Even though you know I can be cruel? -speaks softly, wants to know how she thinks of him-

Sigyn: *quiet* All can be cruel. All can be kind. Circumstances shape us and re-mold us at a whim. *eyes open slightly, glowing pale gold* You have been nothing but kind to me where all others here have treated me as insignificant. I see.../so many/ paths your future could take, my prince, some for good and some for ill, but all destined to be the stuff of legend. I see my imprint upon every path, though I cannot see my purpose, so I...I must. I /want to/. I cannot explain why...

Loki: I trust you. I will do what I can not to lose your faith in me. -looks into her eyes and wonders what it is she can see in him-

Sigyn: *smiling* Then close your eyes. *index and middle fingers rest over his temples, thumbs brush over his cheekbones* This will only take a moment as it is merely the unlocking of a door...it will be up to you to open it as time passes.

Loki: -obeys her with only a trace of hesitation, focuses on the way her skin feels on his and all of the ways he could get her to touch him again in any way-

Sigyn: *twitches faintly, whispers* Shh...still your mind. *fingers tingle, the sensation feeding through to Loki* Picture a door, old and sturdy...I am there with you, handing you the key. *deep breath, hands turn, the backs of her fingers trailing down his face and the sides of his neck* The key is as ancient as the door, but it will never rust, never break...*hands turn again, trailing down to rest against his chest, magic humming through them* ...but must be turned with care. To rip open the door will only cause you pain, my prince...and I would not wish that upon you...

Loki: -imagines himself taller, imagines her just barely more rounded, the door is not like a door in asgard, it is of stone, with only one carving in it. He takes the key from her and watches it glint dully in his mind- Am I to turn the key? But not to open the door?

Sigyn: Not yet. *taps into the images in his mind, manipulating her image to hold his hand* Only unlock it for now. Once unlocked, the power it houses will feed through slowly...preparing you. You will know when you are ready to open the door fully. *the air around them grows a touch warmer, scents of spring and forests fill the room* Power grows with patience, and the greater your patience the easier you will master it. I travel the same path. We can walk it together.

Loki: Together... -turns the key over in his hands and puts it in the lock. Slowly he turns it and feels the power reaching out to him. It takes a large amount of restraint to keep from shoving open the door- this feels so odd... But I like it.

Sigyn: *her image squeezes his hand and she smiles up at him* I am happy that my prince is pleased. *her real self shivers, the warmth around them fading slightly as her image fades as well, her eyes opening and her hands no longer glowing*

Loki: -reaches after her as she fades away, hand in the real world grasps her arm. Slowly opens his eyes, does not want to be alone. Catches her shiver and grabs the cloak up from the foot of the bed, wraps it around her shoulders- You have shown me something amazing...

Sigyn: *still shivering, leans close and huddles againdt his chest beneath the cloak; slightly weakened, not exactly trained to unlock potential in others but knows /how/ it's done* I have shown you something forgotten. Something the Allfather wished destroyed... *quiet* We are healers, we mend worlds, shape them, see the paths and branches and roots of the Worlds Tree...We are not warriors, but...the Allfather fears us...

Loki: You can mend things that Father has broken. I understand his fear. -has his arms around her before he even notices- I do not know what you are healing in me, but I thank you.

Sigyn: *eyes close again, sighing and relaxing.......likes hugs* Only time will tell... *something the Allfather has already begun breaking*

Loki: Hm. -rests his cheek on the top of her head- Then we will have to wait. -eyes close again, completely relaxed-

Sigyn: *quiet* I do not wish to get you into trouble, but...will you stay with me? Just for a little longer, until I fall asleep?

Loki: Of course. I shan't be missed. -inhales deeply, slowly- I will stay as long as I can. -fully intends to just stay until morning-

Sigyn: *snuggles closer* Thank you. I do not sleep well within these walls...perhaps with you near, it will be different. *logic: friend is here, no need to be scared; not even considering the /other/ implications due to her upbringing (everyone is /really/ damned affectionate on Vanaheim apparently) and the fact he's been such a gentleman* Mn...*nudges away and moves to lay down properly, holding his hand and tugging him with*

Loki: -can think of a dozen reasons not to stay but doesn't care. Follows her and wraps his arms around her- I will help how I can.

Sigyn: *smiles, snuggles up to his chest again* ...if there is one thing I can say I am grateful for in the wake of this war, it's that I was able to meet you...*deep breath, relaxing again* You have been such a good friend to me. I only hope that I can repay you in kind...

Loki: You are the best friend I could ask for. -nuzzles, wonders if they could be more even if his thoughts about her are only platonic mostly right now-
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PostSubject: Re: Unlocking a Door   Wed Dec 19, 2012 6:05 pm

Sigyn: *sleepysnuggles closer to the WARM*

Loki: -wakes up, goes rigid, and slowly goes back to snuggling because prettygirl-

Sigyn: *slowly blinks partially aware, eyes close again, one leg hooks around his, trying to get comfortable again*

Loki: -blushes and stares pointedly at the ceiling. Would go back to sleep but noooo-

Sigyn: *makes a quiet little noise, can sense his tension* Mn..*eyes open slightly, slowly sits up braced on her hands, nightgown laces came loose at some point, hanging off one shoulder* ...I...*blinks, biting her lip* ...I hadn't expected you would stay all night...

Loki: -tries to keep the blushing down- You seemed comfortable. I didn't want to wake you.

Sigyn: *smiling, kindve amused* You're very sweet. *holds a finger to her lips* I promise not to tell.

Loki: -smiles and laughs lightly- All right. Our little secret. -pauses- I should leave before we are discovered.

Sigyn: *looks a bit disappointed, but agrees, glancing out the window* I must meet with Freyja soon to receive my duty assignments for the day...

Loki: I can find you. -sits up and reluctantly lets her go.- I only have lessons. -is supposed to go meet with Thor but will skip that-

Sigyn: *smiles, leans to kiss his cheek* Then I shall watch for you.

Loki: -smiles at her and crawls out of bed and to the door, listens for people- Soon. -promises before he slips from the room and down the corridor-

Sigyn: *hurriedly dresses, leaving the cloak so it will not get dirty during possible cleaning duties, pins her hair up out of the way, snaps her fingers to douse the fire in the hearth, bolts out the door and runs (barefoot again) down to meet with Freyja and the other servants in the rear courtyard*

Loki: -rushes to his room. Makes his bed look slept in and washes. Would skip his lessons but then they would look for him. Reports to the library and taps his pencil through the whole of his lessons until he is able to escape and find her-


Sigyn: *basically /soaked to the bone/ after scrubbing floors turned into a water fight ending up in the rear courtyard, skirts tied up on one side and bodice clinging and just...drenched and screaming-laughing running from Freyja and Freyr trying to get her back for dumping their own buckets on them with magic*

Loki: -catches sight of it and leans against a column. Covers his mouth with one hand and can't stop laughing. If it wasn't adorable it certainly was hilarious-

Sigyn: *slips and falls, still laughing, SHRIEKS when the twins dive-tackle her for TICKLE ATTACKS*

Loki: -losing it, as if he never had it, both hands on the column doubling over to keep from falling down. Decides the best way to make this better would be a random enemy and has to calm down before he focuses enough to lift water from the ground and bring it down on eeeeeeeveryone-

Sigyn: *all three Vanir SHRIEK, the twins freaked out, Sigyn ROLLING-LAUGHING* I swear that wasn't me! *playful shove-fight ensues, Sigyn scrambling to her feet and running off toward where Loki is hiding (honestly doesnt know he's there), comes to a dead stop when she sees him, embarrassed but smiling up until the twins come up behind her, hurriedly bowing with the other two doing the same* F-forgive me, your majesty...

Loki: -wiping away tears of laughter- No, no. It is all right. -takes a breath to compose himself before pretending to be regal, obviously still amused- Perhaps, though, it would be best if you all were to take the time to dry while the sun is still warm... the courtyard looks well washed. -does not let his eyes linger too long on Sigyn though wet cloth clinging to her is rather... Appealing-

Sigyn: *stands up straight, head still bowed slightly* Yes, your majesty. Please, excuse us. *eyes dart up to his, sneaks a smirk*

Loki: -grins back briefly, but he's usually laughing at people so it's not out of place- Off. Have some time to yourselves. -goes off stroll-

Sigyn: *bows fully again* You are most gracious, m'lord. Thank you for your kindness. *is trying to ignore the fact that the twins are staring at her like she has a third eye in the back of her head for /speaking/ to one of the royals, much less thanking him for anything*

Loki:-waves them off as he passes, thrilled by the little water war he got to witness they were silly.-

Sigyn: *ends up chased back to her room, still soaked and laughing; not a terrible day, all in all*


Loki: -meets with thor briefly before he wanders "casually" down Sigyn's corridor and taps on the door. Other people are busy so no danger yet. -

Sigyn: *oddly enough was only expecting Freyja, answers the door just wrapped only in a sheet* Oh! Ah...*glances up and down the hall before grabbing his arm and dragging him in* Sorry, I...*fidgets* ...I'll...get dressed. Pardon me.

Loki: -keeps his eyes above the neck- Ah, sorry to startle you. -wonders if she is usually in the habit of answering her door like this.-

Sigyn: No, I just...I was expecting someone else. She was supposed to be bringing me my clothes from earlier. *fidgets, has no changing screen, gathers her nightdress and turns her back to him; not exactly shy, just brought up thinking men find her too thin, etc* Pardon me a moment...

Loki: Ah, the collateral damage of the great water battle. -turns his back obligingly only because she asked. Thin is not an issue-

Sigyn: *pulls the sheet off and looks at it a moment, grins, tosses it over his head and pulls her nightdress on quickly, laughing* Lace me up! *back is to him again, holding her hair up*

Loki: -flusters. Is so a verb- What? -pulls the sheet off of his head an looks at her back for a moment- I... All right. -carefully pulls the lacings tight, not too tight and not too touchey-

Sigyn: *giggles and leans back looking up, head against his chest* You're sweet.

Loki: You.. -shakes his head, slips his arms around her. Just smiles-

Sigyn: *fake pouts for all of five seconds* What about me? *can't help but laugh a bit; she's a happy person, dammit, in spite of being--essentially--a slave*

Loki: You are amazing and frustrating all at once... It is not an unpleasant thing. -chuckles-

Sigyn: ...Oddly, you are hardly the first to say so. *laughs quietly, content to just stand there with him* Freyja claims I am far too familiar with others...

Loki: You are... Friendly. -being diplomatic.- and that is not a bad thing.

Sigyn: *pouting again* You make it sound as if it is. *shifts in his arms, hands on his forearms, pulling them tighter around her* I hardly behave this way with everyone I meet...

Loki: I know. You can still be considered more forward than those around here are accustomed to. -holds her closer-but I like that you are /unlike/ others...

Sigyn: *turns in his arms, snuggling up against his chest* ... *reluctant to say he gets special treatment*

Loki: -smiles down at her and wonders at how different she is from the others and how much he enjoys being near her. Her, thor, his mother. Yep.-

Sigyn: *quietly* Loki... *looks up at him, first time she's just called him by his name* ...I'm worried. The others...they are being sold to other families. I...*clinging to the front of his tunic* I don't want to leave. I like it here. (With you.)

Loki: -holds on to her tighter- I will not let that happen. -thinks quietly- My mother would be interested in the difference between our magics. If I tell her you are capable she will want to meet you. Perhaps we may even study together.

Sigyn: *nods, arms around him properly, clutching the back of his tunic* I would like that...

Loki: -rests his forehead on her's, eyes closed- I will do anything I can.

Sigyn: I know you will...*breath hitches, tenses slightly* Loki... *bites her lip* ...I trust you. *shifts onto her toes a bit, angling her head more, pressing her lips against his*

Loki: -grabs on tighter, as if for dear life before he relaxes into the kiss, stops crushing her and just holds her close without being too bad or painful-

Sigyn: *deepens the kiss slightly, nibbling at his lip before pulling away* ...I certainly do not do /that/ with just anyone. *smirks*

Loki: -leans forward after her but stops- Nor do I... -light blush-

Sigyn: *whispering* So...you don't mind?

Loki: -shakes his head- No. I don't mind this. At all.

Sigyn: *fucking /beaming/, plants another one on 'im* I'm glad. I...I was afraid I might have...*chewing on her lip anxiously, clinging tightly* ...I was afraid I had...offended you.

Loki: I sought you out. I do not do that with people I do not like. -basks in the smile, runs his thumb over her cheek and studies her.- And I like you very much. -bends to initiate a kiss of his own-

Sigyn: *smiles against his lips, body pressed up against his* ...I like you, too...very much.

Loki: -smiles brilliantly- Good. I'm glad. -just stays there with her quietly- You are amazing.

Sigyn: Hardly. I'm not important... *light kiss* ...but...I am happy you feel I am... *bites lip, thinking* ...your family would not approve...

Loki: My family will have no choice. -cradles her to his chest- And Mother will support us.

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PostSubject: Re: Unlocking a Door   Thu Dec 20, 2012 5:38 pm

Sigyn: *tiny smile, nudges with her arm toward her bed* Sit with me?

Loki: Gladly. -walks over and settles on the bed, holds out an arm for her to sit close to him-

Sigyn: *crawls onto the bed, sitting on her knees as usual, shove-hugs until he topples over, smooches him because /SHE CAN/*

Loki: -flops back and laughs, startled- You are the most unique individual I have ever come across.

Sigyn: *smirking* You don't talk to many people, do you? Or are Asgardians just that emotionally closed unless rage is involved?

Loki: Both. Yes. They are the same cause. -reaches up and runs his fingers through her hair-

Sigyn: I can believe that. *smiling down at him, just studying his face (like she do)* ...you have such lovely eyes... *fingertips caress his cheek* ...but there's something so sad lurking there. I wonder why...

Loki: I don't know. -watching her right back- you seem to see things in me I do not know about myself.

Sigyn: My people have the gift of Sight. The man who guards the Bifrost gate...he is Vanir. The Sight affects us all differently... *just keeps touching his face* I see Paths, possible futures, and those with my imprint--my footprints along the Path--I can see strongest...I can't always see them clearly, but I can see enough.

Loki: I trust you to guide me. -is terrified by that concept-

Sigyn: *kisses him lightly, lingering a moment* You have taken care of me, whether you feel so or not...I shall take care of you. A fair trade, I believe. I cannot force you to heed my words, I can merely offer them. *smiles* Whatever Path you walk is your choice alone, but if you so wish it I shall be there beside you for every step you take...

Loki: Offering will be enough. -knows he's stubborn but will still try to listen to her.-

Sigyn: *smiles at him, closing the gap between them to kiss him again, slowly and deeply, enjoying the closeness and the freedom of it; may or may not have been wanting to do this for weeks*

Loki: -returns her kiss slowly, learning from her. Honestly always thought he would be the one on top of a maiden but this change is not unwelcome. Hands settle at her waist, afraid to go any higher or lower-

Sigyn: *tongue flicks against his lips, giggles as she pulls away again* Loki...you're certain this is alright? I just...*nosenuzzles* I don't want to cause you trouble.

Loki: i'm certain, though... i worry I may cause trouble for you. With my brother's reputation, people may... Assume untoward things.

Sigyn: *slight frown* The thought had occurred to me, but...*awkward shrug* ...so long as we know the truth, why should we care? Unless you feel we should just keep is secret?

Loki: I do not want to damage your reputation. -funny when she's on top of him but thy are clothed and just kissing- If something were to happen... It could hurt your prospects.

Sigyn: *sits up, basically sitting on his stomach (she's too innocent for her own good, really) and looking down at him* Loki, I'm nobody...

Loki: -hands tighten at her waist- Never say that. It simply is not true.

Sigyn: *heavy sigh, hands on his chest* I'm an orphan, a servant in Freyja and Freyr's household and now a servant to my captors...I do not even know why I was brought here rather than sold or given to lower households like the others the moment we were brought here. I'm not even useful as bartering stock... I'm nothing.

Loki: -pulls her back down and kisses her gently- For one with aight you seem to be blind in some areas.

Sigyn: *her turn to blush, voice tiny* I...I cannot see my own Path. Just my footsteps on the Paths of others, if they are there...*hides face against his neck*

Loki: -nuzzles into her hair- I am glad you will be with me.

Sigyn: *smiling against his neck, nuzzles* For every step that you need me, my prince.

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PostSubject: Re: Unlocking a Door   Thu Dec 20, 2012 10:15 pm

Loki: -holds her and rubs her back- good. I'm glad

Sigyn: *kisses his neck, wriggles up against him* Am I bothering you? (Am I too forward?)

Loki: Never. -completely relaxed on the bed.- You are the most tolerable person I know.

Sigyn: *smiles, kisses his jaw, hand reaches to touch his lips with her fingertips; she just likes touching, especially him; she's very tactile* You have an odd way of complimenting someone. *giggles* I like it. You're honest, no excessive flowery words...

Loki: I am skilled with words. I just seem to misplace them with you.

Sigyn: It is hardly a bad thing. *sits up again, just looking at him; sortve marvelling at the fact that he's even remotely interested in her; I mean he's gorgeous for fuck's sake and talented and intelligent and a prince and fjakfjaksldjalff* ...Loki, I...*just smiles, bites her lip*

Loki: -tilts his head curiously- Yes, Sigyn?

Sigyn: *just quietly kisses him again* I...

*KNOCK ON DOOR, poor Sigyn sits bolt upright staring at the door like it's going to bite her*

Sigyn: *whispers* /Hide/.

Freyja: *opening the door* Sister, your clothes are done drying...

Loki: -has not mastered teleportation just yet, caught under a very pretty girl. Hands end up near his head so as to show "not touchin nothin"-

Sigyn: *DEER CAUGHT IN THE HEADLIGHTS (and skinny enough to pass for one)*

Freyja: *just..../STARING/*

Loki: ... Good day, Freyja.

Freyja: ...well. This certainly explains why you were always so /polite/ to our lord /prince/, dear sister.
Sigyn: *nearly falls off the bed trying to move off of Loki, panicking* Freyja, please...you can't tell anyone.

Loki: -stands and steadies Sigyn- You must understand the delicacy of this situation, Lady Freyja. There are certain damaging and false reputations that could arise if you should choose - unwisely - to speak of what you see here. -teenager has his "bitchplease" down-

Sigyn: *clinging to Loki's arm tightly*

Freyja: *steps into the room, kicking the door closed behind her* She is my responsibility, even with us both being in servitude. I don't trust you, Asgardian, and if the stories I've heard are true then I'm well within my right to feel this way.

Sigyn: *hissing whisper* Sister, mind your tongue!

Loki: And tell me, /Lady Freyja/, what rumour have you heard of me? -places a hand over Sigyn's, not bothered.-

Freyja: The cruel little prince lies and uses others for his own amusement. Why should I leave my sister to your machinations?

Sigyn: Silence, Freyja! Since when do you participate in gossip?

Loki: So you are lowering me to my brother's standards instead of believing that I have a genuine interest. -too dignified to snort- Really if you know of me you ought to know better.

Freyja: What else is a slave good for in the eyes of nobility?

Sigyn: *twitches, jaw clenched, fingers digging into Loki's arm*

Loki: -looks at her thoughtfully- I thought you less dim than the others.

Sigyn: *quietly* Loki, please...do not think ill of her. We were ripped from our home in the midst of bloodshed...She is within her rights to be angry...

Freyja: *glaring* ...I will remain silent, but...only for her sake. I would not see her punished for a prince's folly.

Loki: You have some wit. -not caving. Just holding his tongue right now- Sigyn, would you like to dress? I can give you some privacy.

Sigyn: *quietly* You do not have to leave if you do not wish to. *glances at Freyja* Sister, thank you for bringing my clothes. We will speak later...

Freyja: *glaring, sets the folded garments on the chest by the door* Yes, I believe we shall. *halfhearted bow* I have evening duties with her Majesty. I take it you have assigned yourself to Prince Loki?

Sigyn: If the prince wishes.

Loki: -about to make some snide remark when his face brightens- Oh! I could show you my books! -looks excited for a moment, like a child, when he shuts it down- Thank you, Freyja. I'm certain Mother will be expecting you.

Freyja: Hmph...*shakes her head, mumbles something about her "naive sister", and leaves*

Sigyn: *finally relaxes a little, heavy sigh* ...I am nothing but trouble. *lets his arm go and wanders over to get her clothes, tossing her dress over her nightdress and pulling the tunic on and lacing it up; layers = warm* I apologize for her rudeness...back home she is nobility, and our circumstances behind being here are less than favorable...

Loki: I understand her anger, but her refusal to listen to you is an annoyance. -Thinking about who was on top of who, for serious-

Sigyn: *quietly debating on whether or not to put on her underthings, hasn't had them on since Loki got there ;;* I was her servant. I am meant to be seen and not heard. And...she feels I am inexperienced. Like I am easy to take advantage of.

Loki: You are not. And I enjoy listening to you. You are brilliant.

Sigyn: *wanders around the foot of the bed to hide a little, shuffles into her underthings using her skirts for cover* I do not feel as if I say anything brilliant...*shrugs*

Loki: -so not watching- So your showing me all the magics that I could not learn on my own was nothing, then?

Sigyn: *fidgets with her skirts before walking over to him again* I did little more than show you how to unlock your potential. You did the work. *bows her head slightly, more formal behavior showing again* I am ready when you are, my prince.

Loki: ... You should not do that. You do not have to treat me in such a way. -knows she should when they're in public and does not care.-

Sigyn: *head stays low* It would be for the best. I am less likely to slip up when it becomes important.
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Loki: Do not worry. I can explain away anything. -hesitates, embraces her again- You never have to act near me.

Sigyn: *clings to him, eyes closed* ...I do not wish to shame you.

Loki: You will not. Cease your worrying. -nuzzles-

Sigyn: *clings tighter* As you wish...

Loki: Hm... -holds her close for another few moments- To the library? I can show you what I am learning.

Sigyn: *nods* I would like that. *looks up at him, smiles*

Loki: Good. It is all very interesting. -And loki "subjecting" someone to books is normal-

Sigyn: *nods* Alright. *doesn't much care what they do so long as she's with Loki; stands on her toes to lightly kiss him* Shall we go?

Loki: -smiles and nods- absolutely. -leads the way after they wait for someone to pass.-

Sigyn: *nervously holding his arm, eyes darting about, worried someone will see them and say something nasty*

Loki: -walks through the halls like he is king, scares enough people that no one bothers them- We have been discussing illusions as of late. They are useful tools.

Sigyn: I do not have much experience with illusions, but I've seen them used defensively in combat and hunting. *fingers flex on his arm* I have been training in elemental magicks, but my strength is in binding and disspelling. *bites her lip* I was able to defend Freyja's home for as long as I did because I could cancel out most of the magicks thrown at us. I wasn't strong enough to keep the Allfather's forces at bay for long, though...

Loki: -curious- Elemental magics are just a bit temperamental. Illusions are fun. Both would be useful though. -wants to ask more but feels that would be a violation-

Sigyn: The elements are dangerous in unskilled hands, it is very true...Earth and water are my focuses, currently. Fire and air are...mn. I cannot seem to manage them well without injuring myself. But training in the elements hardly restricts one to the elements directly. Water is the barest essence of healing, the earth brings life, but both can be destructive...

Loki: Hm. -thinks- I would enjoy learning the elements. Perhaps I shall mention that to my tutors next.

Sigyn: *stops walking, still holding his arm, looking up at him* ...Fire and air. *smiles* At least, that is what I feel.

Loki: Dangerous... But cannot have one without the other. -smiles down-

Sigyn: The key--as in all things--is finding and maintaining balance. *smiles, holds his arm tighter and resumes walking*

Loki: -places a hand over her's and walks them into the library. Has claimed half of it just for him-

Sigyn: *allows him to continue leading the way; she's been in the library before, but only for cleaning duties and once during her first week in the middle of the night after getting lost in the snow on the way to her room*

Loki: -holds a chair for her and smiles- All of these are my work. -includes pages of notes and changes to spells-

Sigyn: *has a seat, glancing over his notes before picking up a few pages in particular and reading properly* ...y..you've solved a massive energy drain complication for this incantation...

Loki: I had an afternoon free. -playing it cool, extremely pleased with how impressed she sounds.- It took several attempts.

Sigyn: *still reading* This is brilliant...*looks up at him* ..have you shared these with many others?

Loki: None. -watching her read things. Pushes a couple more papers toward her-

Sigyn: *reading silently, lips just barely moving* ...this one, it is an energy dagger, correct? The wording is good, short enough to simply think and it should work with practice, but the channel it pulls the energies through...*eyes close* it's far too broad, difficult to control. Should be narrower, unless there is a physical focal point. Hmm... *sets the pages down and holds her hands as if in prayer, her palms glowing pale white-gold and then a flash before she opens her hands and holds them out toward him; a deep green, very simple-looking, smooth polished stone is in her hands* Here. Placed on a glove or gauntlet worn on your striking hand, it should create the desired effect. Not just with this spells, but others...

Loki: -takes the stone and turns it over in his hands- This will help with many of my spells... -flips through his notes and pulls out a good dozen- I require your opinion.

Sigyn: *takes the pages and pulls her feet up onto the chair, getting comfy for reading* There are so many. *tiny smile* Would you be happier were I a book?

Loki: No. I prefer you as you are... Though all of this may be penned into a book should I be bothered. -totally has the handwriting and art skills for it-

Sigyn: *smiling, silently reading for another moment* ...mirrors as your focus point, very clever. Do you see the mirrors as directly connected by individual pathways, or rather doorways through a single body of space? Pathways would be safer for travelling, less chance of becoming lost, but if the connected mirrors are broken you would be trapped on the pathway without an easy exit.

Loki: All mirrors may act as paths, though some are more difficult than others because their counterpart may be far apart. -pauses to try to explain to someone other than him- it is more a temporary portal. First the mind scouts the route, and then the body follows. If one mirror should break, there may be another that can replace it. And shards of a mirror could work as well be they large enough.

Sigyn: *nodding, still studying the pages in her hands* I wouldn't reccommend shards except as a last resort...but still, this is brilliant. *smile broadens* And you keep calling /me/ amazing.

Loki: Oh, but you are. -smiles and watches her contentedly- You are helping me work through my problems. I trust no one else with this.

Sigyn: I am happy that you trust me. *rocks a little in her chair* For this one, how do you plan to compensate for the tendency for objects to become lost in pocket dimensions?

Loki: Put my name on everything I own. -deadpan, actually hasn't accounted for that- With return messenger information.

Sigyn: *head snaps up and just STARES at him for a moment before laughing quietly* Perhaps we should make that our first project?

Loki: Perhaps so. -leans forward to look at the page- I would enjoy moving quickly from place to place, but not at the cost of items I may need.

Sigyn: Then we shall work out the problems. For something this risky, I wouldn't reccommend rushing the process...*shrugs, smirking* But all that means is we will have reason to spend time together in public without drawing suspicion.

Loki: I intend to speak to my mother tonight about that. -was going to anyway before he realised how much she could actually help- Would you like to join me?

Sigyn: She would not be bothered?

Loki: Not at all. -smirks- I am her favourite son.

Sigyn: *browarch, smirking* My lord prince is so modest. *chuckles, flipping through pages again* You really are terribly brilliant, Loki...

Loki: -laughs and gets up from his seat- Now. Let us go speak with mother. I'm certain she will be eager to speak to you.

Sigyn: *smirking, nods, hops up out of her chair* As you wish, m'lord. *exagerrated bow, because she's silly sometimes*

Loki: -laughing even as he offers her his arm- She will love you.

Sigyn: *takes his arm, snuggled up to his side* If you believe so...I am still reasonably nervous.

Loki: My mother is a fair, kind person. Do not fear her.

Sigyn: It is not so much your mother that concerns me as your brothers and father...

Loki: My brother and Father do not come into play here. Not yet.

Sigyn: *looks a bit dazed for a moment, eyes unfocused and staring* But soon...all Paths cross them...

Loki: I will handle it. -knows she sees something and is listening while also being stubborn. It's a skill-

Sigyn: *leans her head against his shoulder* ...why me?

Loki: Why /not/? -smiles down at her-
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PostSubject: Re: Unlocking a Door   Sun Dec 23, 2012 9:47 pm

Sigyn: *bumps him with her hip* You could have any woman you want. Why bother with the skinny, undesirable little mouse with no feminine shape?

Loki: -looks down at her appraisingly- You have plenty of shape. -allows himself a horribly improper moment.-

Sigyn: *looks away, mumbles* You are being far too generous...

Loki: From me there is no such thing. -squeezes her hand and comes to the door of his mother's chambers.- I will go in first, please wait here until I call for you. -just in case-

Sigyn: *nods, hands clasped in front of her, head bowed just in case anyone else comes by*

Loki: -kisses her forehead briefly and slips into his mother's chambers. The author will now present to you a cut scene that will be explained next post because I'm tired-

Sigyn: *hasn't moved, in spite of a few people passing by and leering*

Meanwhile inside, Loki dismissed his mother's servants to speak to her in private. He sat at her feet and let her comb his hair and they talked about the girl. He, quietly and firmly, and her with reluctance. Aaaaaaaaaand scene:

Frigga: -opens her chamber door and looks down at Sigyn.- This is the girl?

Loki: Yes mother. -Standing farther into the rooms, slightly better groomed-

Frigga: -appraises Sigyn for another few moments- Well come in, child. We have much to discuss. -nice lady but is also queen and Loki had to learn from someone.-

Sigyn: *bows slightly lower for a moment* Yes, m'lady. *stands up straighter, not bowing her head /quite/ as low, but still trying to remain respectful*
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Unlocking a Door
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