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JrLt. Carl Jenkins

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Name: Carl Jenkins
Rank: Special Ops; PsyCorps; Lieutenant, Junior Grade
Age: 26
DOB/POB: 9•7•2284 / Phoenix, AZ
Skills: Telepath, Special Op Tactician
Special Operations Tactician Carl Jenkins is a psychic friend of Rico's and Dizzy's from high school, the other Roughnecks avoid Jenkins like the plague because his telepathic powers give them the creeps. He's from Phoenix, AZ. He destroys the Hydoran Brain Bug with a Mind-Bomb but suffers mental trauma in the process. Jenkins grows weaker and his powers become less stable during the Tophet Campaign, when T'Phai's Control Bug breaks loose and it attempts to attach to Jenkins. He destroys it with a telekinetic blast, but falls into a coma and is spirited away by Intel. Jenkins returns later on in the series, the mental experimentation performed on him by Intel neurosurgeons has increased his powers but made him cold and harsh. What was left of his old self was rekindled when Rico saved him during the Klendathu Campaign.
As of June of 2310, Carl received commendations for his involvement in studying and defeating the Brain Bugs when they were encountered as well as locating the Queen en route to Earth. He has since been made a Lieutenant, Junior Grade, as per the PsyCorps.
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