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 Aev Kovar

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Aev Kovar

Federation Ensign, Romulan Sublieutenant/erei'Arrain




SEPT. 17, 2231





||......PERSONNEL FILE: KOVAR, AEV......||


Aev Kovar is an unusual case. Though he does not possess the raw, unrestrained passion of his Romulan blood, he also has not taken it upon himself to purge himself of emotion through the ritual of kolinahr; in a way, his emotional reactions, for the most part, could be compared to a human with some minor anger issues. That's not to say that he is a volcano waiting to erupt, as he has been learning to control his reactions, attempting to find a balance between the two extremes.

Though he claims being of mixed blood is not an issue for him, it often comes up as a significant sore spot, though he can never exactly explain why. He has a great deal of personal pride, though he doesn't see himself as belonging to either race. Even after the destruction of the Vulcan homeworld, he has shown no real desire to completely adopt their traditions, nor does he feel obligated to adhere to Romulan traditions in spite of having spent the majority of his life on Romulus.

He is a singular being, and it's almost as if his self-worth rides on his ability to remain unique, as he has never felt accepted by either of his parent-races.He does manage to maintain a professional demeanor while on-duty, but everyone has begun to notice the tension growing while in his presence and many are just waiting for the day when he overhears one too many snide comments aimed his direction and he finally snaps. No one honestly knows what his romantic or sexual preferences may be, and most are too afraid to inquire.

He is highly intelligent, his primary focus being on xenobiology and xenolinguistics.


Aev, unlike most adult Romulan males (or even Vulcan males), stands at a slight 5'9" rather than 6' and over, and his slim figure is rather deceptive given the natural physical strength of both races of his genetic template. His eyes are dark brown, almost black. Perhaps as a means of rebellion or a way of expressing his status as one "in-between", Aev keeps his dark hair longer rather than keeping it in a more traditional bowl or peaked "Ceasar" hair style, slicking it back while on-duty. Due to his half-Vulcan parentage, Aev lacks the pronounced brow ridges of a full-blooded Romulan, giving him a more Vulcan appearance.

Aev is highly skilled in basic weaponry and has been trained in the Vulcan martial arts called "tal-shaya", and "Suus Mahna"; his combat training, he says, was his father's attempts to control his conflicting emotional reactions and outbursts during his father's time on Romulus before his execution. Like all Vulcans and Romulans, his strength is three times that of an average human, and his combined Vulcan and Romulan physiology enables him to withstand and adapt to extreme climate changes. This combination, however, means his internal structure is neither Romulan nor Vulcan, and special medical procedures must be used should he suffer any major illness or injury.


For the first five years of my life, I lived secretly on Romulus with my mother, Nuhir Kovar, Romulan soldier and consort to Vulcan peace emmisary, Solius. I was born within the walls of the then Vulcan Embassy in Ra'tleihfi, the capital city of Romulus. My early schooling was seen to by my mother, as I was not permitted to leave the embassy; my very existence would have been seen as an act of treason, and it would not only be my head that would have found itself severed from the shoulders. It was a quiet life, and I found even my father to be rather loving in his own way, contrary to the emotionless facade he, and the rest of his people, frequently wore. Let it not be said that Vulcans are without their own unique brand of humor.

I had only been five for approximately two Earth-standard months before I was discovered; hiding a crossbreed child from the infamously paranoid and xenophobic Rihannsu for five years was no small feat, I assure you, and I respected them both for the great pains they took to keep me a secret, but as with all good things it must come to an end. after I was discovered, my mother and I were taken to the stockade. My father, may his katra find its way to the fields of Vorta Vor, was executed, and progress toward a peaceful reuiniting of the cousin-races of Vulcan and Romulus were halted. My mother and I were lucky that the Romulan High Council decreed that my mother and I be spared in an attempt to show even a modicum of compassion toward the "poor, manipulated Romulan woman" and her "half-breed" child.

We were given no special treatment, however, and lived as paupers for three years before my mother, demoted from her military status, managed to make a name for herself as a trainer in the martial arts. She took me on as one of her students, knowing early on that my temperament was not exactly suited for the environment and that I would be subject to ridicule by not only my peers but by nearly every Rihannsu on the planet; for a time, it proved as an effective means to quell my rages, but as with most emotionally-driven species it became increasingly more difficult to maintain composure amidst the taunting.

At the time, Ambassador Sarek's son, Spock, was the only other Vulcan half-breed that I was aware of, but I was never given the opportunity to meet him. Day-trips to Vulcan were, obviously, prohibited. I was often kept separate from the other children. After a great deal of discussion and debate, I was allowed to attend general schooling with others my age, if only to keep me from falling behind and becoming an "uneducated heathen". It was only logical, of course.

From age seventeen to, well, just recently, I served in the Romulan Galae s'Shiar. I was assigned to the science and exploration vessel, Ra'kholh, eventually advancing to the rank of Sublieutenant, if only for the fact that I had, by that time, learned to largely keep to myself and simply follow orders. My time on board the Ra'kholh was, on the whole, was uneventful, long, and dull (for the most part), and we returned home with our findings for me only to be met with more prejudice.

I suppose I just grew tired of constantly having to justify my existence, as well as my mother's frequent mistreatment by her peers in spite of the pains she took to attempt to fit in and make herself useful. Honestly, we both simply wanted to show our gratitude considering the Emperor effectively saved us both from execution. Still, it seemed no amount of conformity on my part would appease them. Against my better judgement, my mother managed to convince me, not long after my twenty-seventh birthday, to leave Romulus for Earth to join a small group of Rihannsu that had been chosen to act as good-will "ambassadors" to the Federation in the wake of the destruction of Vulcan. Even if I was unable to make a home for myself on my mother's planet, she had hopes that I would find my place in the universe amongst the ranks of the United Federation of Planets. In the end, I'm not entirely convinced it was the best move for me, but it was better than the only available alternative at the time.

I suppose it should be amusing to me that Ra'kholh in the Romulan language is roughly equivalent to "Avenger"...but we'll see how funny it actually turns out to be...


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Aev Kovar
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