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Bejal Johv





JANUARY 7, 2232 (HOST); 1965 (SYMBIONT)







"Having been a mother three times and a father twice...I wasn't very successful either way" - DAX, Symbiont

Joined Trill have personalities which are a synthesis of the two beings including the memories, and to some extent the personalities, of the previous hosts of the Symbiont. Bejal's personality is a combination his own and the Symbiont Johv, along with the Johv's collective memories spanning nearly three-hundred years, and Bejal is as a result both very young and quite old at the same time, his outlook on life projecting this with an almost jarring clarity. One moment he's laughing and enjoying himself along with whoever else may be nearby and the next he can be inconsolably sad and then suddenly calm, collected, and incredibly wise and willing to comfort those who need it. Though catching him in these various moods can be disorienting if you are not prepared for such a shift in extremes, it's hardly as if his moods are uncontrolled; it's just sometimes difficult for Bejal's mind to assess Johv's emotional responses, as he has not been Joined for very long and still needs to adapt.

From an interpersonal point of view, Bejal is a compassionate and eager friend to those who need or want one, and once told a secret it remains with him and is shared with no one; pulling rank on him will not work, as he values loyalty to those closest to him over Starfleet protocol.

Though of an overall pacifistic nature, Bejal is not afraid of combat, and four of Johv's previous Hosts had been soldiers and their collective experience and knowledge has been passed on to Bejal through her.

As the purpose behind Joining with a Symbiont is to allow that Symbiont to experience different things in the life of each Host, Bejal is discouraged from developing truly close or romantic relationships, as they will not be allowed to continue should he die and Johv is passed to another Host. Those who attempt to continue previous relationships while with another Host are exiled from Trill society and as a result the Symbiont is doomed to die with the Host.

That doesn't mean it's out of the cards completely though...


Bejal is pale, standing at six feet tall and cutting a trim and typically well-groomed figure. His hair is dark and kept longer, reaching the base of his neck, which he pulls back while on-duty. Though his violet eyes may seem odd at first, they are akin to heterochromia and simply a pigment mutation; a fairly uncommon trait amongst the Trill, but hardly noteworthy past a longer-than-average glance at the eyes. Like the majority of Trill, Bejal has the same markings on his face and body, two rows of spots and odd half-circles going down each side of their body from forehead to toe.

It is impossible to tell a Joined from an Unjoined Trill, and they are rather secretive about their Symbionts at this point in time (they are not even widely known to Federation scientists until as late as 2367). The only ones that woukd know Bejal is Joined with Johv would be those he takes into his confidence and tells personally, such as important medical personnel; the biochemical connection between the Host and the Symbiont is unable to withstand certain toxins, and they are highly allergic to insect bites. Even a small mosquito or ant bite could potentially be fatal.

Like all Trill, Bejal has unusually cold hands. He is also capable of living three-hundred years or more barring incident; the Johv Symbiont's life span is unknown, but it is probable that so long as there is a suitable, healthy Host the Symbiont will live indefinitely.



Johv, like all Trill Symbionts, was born in 1965 Earth A.D. and lived the first few years of her life in the milky pools of the caves of Mak'ala on the planet Trill before a compatible host was found in the young Trill woman, Yeres Nall, a schoolteacher in 1968 Earth A.D.

--Yeres Johv--

Once Joined, Yeres Johv lived a quiet life for nearly fifteen years continuing her teaching career on Trill before accepting a position as a cultual anthropologist on an interplanetary survey vessel. Though Johv was still very young at the time, she still managed to live a long and intellectually fulfilling life through Yeres, meeting and documenting various alien species that the Federation would not encounter until the 23rd century. It wasn't until an unfortunate encounter with a Gorn ship in what would eventually become the infamous Neutral Zone almost a full forty years into her Joining that Yeres was badly injured along with more than half of her expedition crew. Travelling on half-impulse to preserve the dwindling power of their ship, Yeres managed to get hereself and the surviving crew back to Trill, almost a year's journey from where they had been ambushed. Yeres was unable to recover from her injuries, in spite of the efforts of her crew during their trip home, insisting that Johv be removed and placed within another Host before she passed away.

--Haphin Johv--

Johv's second, and shortest-lived, Host was a soldier named Haphin. After the Gorn ship that had attacked Yeres' ship arrived on Trill, Haphin and his squad led the charge, eventually able to overpower the Gorn raiders with their superior technology. Haphin, however, was fatally wounded and died shortly after, Johv being removed and hastily implanted within the nearest compatible host. Johv's joining with Haphin lasted less than three months.

--Meiha Johv--

Meiha Besaid was only compatible by chance, having volunteered herself as a temporary host to keep Johv alive only to find she and the Symbiont were a compatible match. Meiha was honored to Join with the Symbiont that had helped to protect their home, the Host herself making the decision to join the Trillius Prime Defense Force in Haphin's place. Meiha's husband, married to her before her Joining, Joran, disapproved of the decision and left Meiha.

In spite of her small stature, Meiha proved to be a skilled and determined fighter due to her absorbtion of Haphin's experience and knowledge, excelling in hand-to-hand combat and archery using both a traditional bow and arrow set as well as more advanced pulse weapons that mimicked a bow and arrow. She spent most of her time with the Defense Force training new recruits, as well as applying Yeres' knowledge of other alien species and their technological advances to bolster their own planetary defense grid and inform the Defense Force members of possible threats and how to disable them without shedding blood, if at all possible. It wasn't that she intended for the Trill to become isolated or paranoid of other species, merely to teach them to be cautious with them in light of the Gorn attack and to better prepare them for visitors. Meiha would become instrumental in opening diplomatic relations with nearby systems, as well as aiding in the construction of the first fleet of ships enabled for short-range space combat in the event that a hostile invasion force made a move on their planet.

Meiha lived for thirty years after joining with Johv before becoming infected with a fatal virus that killed over a thousand Trill in her home city. After Johv was hastily removed and innoculated, she was passed on to yet another compatible volunteer Host.

--Torin Johv--

Torin Zytai had been Meiha's second-in-command before her death and was fiercely loyal to her, volunteering to Join with Johv to continue Meiha's work with the Defense Force without missing any details. For him, it had been the only way he could think of to honor her memory and her life by, in a way, continuing its existence. There wasn't much difference between Torin's daily life from Meiha's, most of his time spent training combat pilots and collaborating with the Science Council to reinstate travel to and survey of other planets and species with the purpose of touching base and making allies with other sentient beings. It was during this time that Tobin grew close to a young botanist named Emori, eventually marrying her and starting a family, having two daughters and a son. The marriage, however, was looked down upon by the Symbiosis Council and eventually their displeasure lead to the marriage being annulled and Torin being separated from his children.

As a means of coping, Torin left with an exploratory expedition as their security and weapons specialist, eventually being part of the first research team to meet the natives of Peliar Zel II, a planet that would eventually become a member of the united Federation of Planets and revisited by the Trill Symbiont named Odan in 2367. Over a period of nearly sixty years, Torin maintained his position as head of the Defense Force and proved to have some natural diplomatic ability and improved relations with at least ten different planets before his untimely death on Kaldra IV after being attacked by a swarm of poisonous insects. Johv was once again removed in haste to preserve her life and transferred to temporary Host, navigations specialist Myev Lotar.

--Myev Johv--

Johv's time joined with Myev was short, barely a month, as Myev was not a compatible Host. Regardless of the complications involved, it was an interesting learning experience for johv, being put through and experiencing the pain of an incompatible Host. Once they were back on Trill, Johv was transplanted to a proper Host and Myev was implanted with a more compatible Symbiont.

--Liita Johv--

After being Joined with painter and musician, Liita Kvatas, Johv went against tradition and began a relationship with her former Host, now called Myev Bex, and the two Trill females decided to remain planetside for a while to live a more relaxing, stress-free life for as long as they were allowed. Two years later, Myev was called back to her ship after it had been "dry-docked" and refitted with a new energy supply system and warp engines. Liita reluctantly said farewell to Myev for the final time, learning after six years that Myev's ship had been destroyed by a Klingon battle cruiser that had been patrolling the edge of Andorian space. Myev and the Bex Symiont were both killed. Liita fell into a deep depression and began expressing her rather dark emotions through a series of gruesome paintings and sculptures in an attempt to distract herself and cope with the pain of loss. Unexpectedly, her artwork was very popular and is still featured in various exhibits to present day.

Liita lived the longest and most quiet life of Johv's past Hosts, so far, and Liita herself eventually passed away of natural causes (heart failure) after sixty years. Johv insisted she remain within Liita until the last minute to make her passing as comfortable as possible so she wouldn't die alone.

--Nevan Johv--

It was touch and go in the hours between Liita's death and Johv's joining with Nevan Reis, the physicians waiting almost too long and losing Johv before locating and completing the transplant to a compatible Host. Nevan himself was a doctor assigned to a deep space exploration ship, and Johv soon found herself back amongst the stars on a ship with a mixed crew of various alien species, most of which Yeres and Torin had visited and documented before. It was a novel experience beig about to work with so many different species as well as treat them medically, Johv gaining a great deal of knowledge and practical experience with different species and learning about their physiology and their different cultures and traditions on a more personal level. He made the unfortunate mistake of falling in love with a young Denobulan scientist, only to have his heart broken when he discovered that she had been with forty-two others on the ship even during their relationship on their extended excursion into the Gamma Quadrant; Nevan discovered the hard way how sexually uninhibited Denobulan females were, and about their very open polygamous society. While he accepted the fact that it was just something that was culturally accepted amongst Denobulans, Nevan cut off all non-medical contact with her, even going so far as to ask other doctors on his staff to treat her.

Nevan and a few other members of the expedition transferred to a passing ship that was on a return trip that would pass through Trill space. Honestly, Nevan wanted to get back to something a bit more normal for him. Once he was back on Trill, Nevan followed in Haphin, Meiha, and Tobin's footsteps and joined the Defense Force as a transport pilot. He was part of the feet that first encountered Earth trade ships and arranged for Trillus Prime (Trill) to become part of the Earth Cargo Service and Trade System. While helping to load a small cargo ship, Nevan was attacked by smugglers and left to bleed to death in the docking bay. He was found and rushed to medical for emergency surgery and died on the operating table, Johv removed and transplanted into an available Host.

--Illur Johv--

Illur Phynn was a fighter pilot with the Trillus Prime Defense Force, and after his joining with Johv his squadron was assigned to escort trade ships to and from the edge of the Trill System. Illur was eventually grounded, however, when the Symbiosis Council felt that Johv had become increasingly reckless, preferring the dangerous life of a soldier and constantly putting the host at risk. Illur, being a weaker mind, was completely overcome by Johv's collective personalities, his own personality essentially buried. Illur convinced the Council to allow him to resume the position that had been held by Meiha and Torin, seeing as they would not allow him to leave the planet until the aggression had left his system. Illur became ill while handling some rather volatile chemicals and Johv had to be removed before she was damaged, Illur dying soon after and Johv once again transplanted to a new host after only six years.

--Ezka Johv--

Johv's next host was Ezka Zril, daughter of one of the heads of the Symbiosis Council and in charge of speaking with the commanders of the ships that came through the Trill System via the Earth Cargo and Trade Services. It was a quiet position, but it required a great deal of diplomacy and understanding, which was something Johv had far more experience with than her young host. Ezka quickly became well known for the delicate manner in which she handled various races, regardless of how volatile the situation. She became an ambassador for the Trill, and Johv soon found herself once again traveling to various systems within the Alpha and Gamma Quadrants, negotiating treaties and alliances and exchange of technology. In 2216, Ezka spoke on behalf of the Trill at a meeting on Earth for the United Federation of planets in order to maintain a peaceful existence considering Trillus Prime was a major pit-stop for Federation trade ships and the Trill had begun to feel threatened by the enemies of the Federation. Almost as if to punctuate the point, Ezka was shot by a Klingon-hired Breen assassin. The assassin managed to escape, and Ezka died. Johv was transplanted to Ezka's personally-chosen aide, compatible Host Tetron Rezza.

--Tetron Johv--

Three days after Ezka's assassination, Tetron immediately resumed talks with the Federation in her place, convincing the other ambassadors from visiting sectors to band together and demand higher level security for potential members of the Federation as an incentive for them to join, citing the fact that a Breen was able to get close enough to kill a visiting ambassador and get away without being brought to justice. Tetron would return home soon after with Ezka's body to deliver it to her father for a proper burial and funeral, Johv expressing her sadness that such a kind, gentle, and brilliant woman was killed; Johv felt that it was her fault.

The many deaths that seemed to follow in Johv's wake began to take a toll on her, and, as Tetron, she decided to adopt a quieter lifestyle to which Tetron agreed. Tetron continued Ezka's diplomatic position, dealing with the ships along the trade route as more and more alien ships associated with the Federation began using the same route. Tetron intended to live as long as he possibly could, doing everything in his power to maintain the peace along the trade route, preventing incidents with all the care of his predecessor for twenty-three years.

Tetron met and married a former fighter pilot, Miret Liosa, who had been permantently grounded due to a terminal disease resulting in the loss of her sight. Miret was well aware of the "rules" surrounding a relationship with one of the Joined, but she insisted that she was prepared and that she simply wanted the both of them to be happy with one another while they had the chance. Tetron would eventually retire from his position to remain at home as Miret's condition worsened. Four years into their marriage, her heart stopped and she passed away quietly in Tetron's arms, who was only grateful that there had been no pain and that she hadn't been alone when the time came.

Tetron, channeling Liita, returned to painting and sculpting in order to cope, finding peace once again in the face of loss. For eleven years, Tetron lived quietly, documenting Johv's life up until that point in a handwritten set of journals that would eventually be given to a trusted family friend of Tetron Rezza. Tetron fell ill and passed away in his home soon after, Johv saved only by chance when that same friend had come to pick up the latest journal. Johv was hastily joined with Bejal Ellisar the youngest host the Johv Symbiont had ever been implanted within.

--Bejal Johv--

Bejal proved to be the best thing to happen to Johv in quite some time, his youth and enthusiasm reigniting the spark for learning and adventure in an otherwise considerably young Symbiont who had begun to feel very, very old. Together, the Host and the Symbiont decided on a change of pace, something that would hopefully be less strenuous on them both than the high-profile positions that Johv usually held: Bejal left Trillus Prime for Earth to attend Starfleet Academy. Due to the collective knowledge and experience from Johv, Bejal excelled in every course and could have easily completed his training in three years or less. Regardless, he insisted on the full experience, attending the full four years, even spending the last six months as an instructor. He was on Earth to witness the reaction to the destruction of Vulcan and the attack on san Fransisco by Nero's drill, acting with hundreds of cadets, ensigns, and second lieutenants as emergency medics rushing about ground zero assessing the situation and helping as many survivors as they were able to locate. After Nero and his ship were destroyed, Bejal assisted with attending to Vulcan refugees and continued to help train new cadets, rising to the rank of Lieutenant Commander with special commendation from the Trill government for "his" past experience with the Defense Force and "his" work with the Federation Trade route. It wasn't long before he recieved his transfer to the USS Avenger while the ship and her crew were on shore leave, most of the support crew in San Fransisco or at the Academy itself.

It was a little overwhelming. Before joining with Bejal, Johv's concerns were very centralized. Trill well-being, Trill security, Trill democracy, Trill interplanetary connections...Not anymore. As a member of the United Federation of Planets and their Starfleet, dozens of planetary systems were now Johv's concern, hundreds upon hundreds of unique individuals to care for enclosed on one ship, the "needs of the many outweighing the needs of the few or the one"...

It was an intense thought, to be certain.

It should be fun.





-Joined with Yeres


-Yeres' death, joined to Haphin


-Haphin is killed, joined to Meiha


-Meiha is killed, joined to Torin


-Torin is killed, joined to Meyv and then to Liita


-Liita passes away, joined to Nevan


-Nevan is killed, joined to Illur


-Illur dies, joined to Ezka


-Ezka assassinated, joined to Tetron


-Tetron passes away, joined to Bejal


-Bejal joins the crew of the USS Avenger


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