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PostSubject: Galen   Galen I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 18, 2012 11:29 pm


Origin: [Star Trek] Delta IV

Gender: Male

Age: 36

Security Officer: Special Operations, Lieutenant Commander

DOB: Dec. 30, 2222




Though he considers his childhood on Delta IV to be rather unremarkable by his people's standards (in spite of what other races may feel about the hedonistic and overtly sensual lifestyle of the Deltan people), it is his record with Starfleet that stands out in his life. Having enrolled in Starfleet Academy when he was nineteen against the advice of his family unit, Galen quickly jumped to the head of his graduating class in 2244, though he was prevented from receiving special commendations due to many believing that he used his abilities to cheat.

Just as he was preparing to leave the Academy for Starbase-1 for his first assignment, Galen unintentionally aided in the apprehension of a mercenary agent that had managed to steal Fleet security codes and was awaiting pickup, the Deltan's telepathic abilities (not nearly as under control as they would eventually become) picking up on trace thoughts that the culprit hadn't even considered concealing. Impressed with his ability and seeking to put it toward more constructive use than the presumed "cheating" he had been accused of, Starfleet officials began training Galen for a position on Starfleet Security's internal affairs and investigations team. Though a largely undercover operation (after all, who wants to admit that there organization even has a need for an internal affairs investigative team when they advertise themselves as one big happy family?), Galen seemed to have found his niche in their numbers, his particular specialty developing in forensics and interrogation. Within a year of graduating from the Academy with the intent of being placed in a tactical position on the USS Intrepid, Galen found himself stationed on Starbase-2 out in deep space acting as second to the head of Security.

His assignment would prove to be both a valuable addition to his resume` in regards to his career with Starfleet as well as a harsh lesson in the cruelty of others for the otherwise pampered telepath, the inevitable moment of danger that plagued all Security personnel at one point or another in their careers digging in its claws and changing him in the worst of ways...

During an investigation regarding a possible smuggling ring between Earth civilians employed by the Federation to work on Starbase-2 to supplement everyday conveniences (barbers, dentists, clothing makers and sales, etc) as well as trade and cargo personnel and various species that used the Starbase as a pit-stop for supplies and to drop off cargo, three members of Galen's team, along with the Security Chief, suddenly vanished. Though Galen went along with procedure, scanning the entire station for their communicators and their genetic "thumbprint" within the station's medical database, he knew that they were no longer among the living. It wasn't long after their searches continued to bring up inconclusive results that Galen set out on his own to locate the perpetrators.

Galen found himself unable to pick up any thoughts from the creatures that attacked him, only catching a glimpse of them before he was rendered unconscious. Small bipedal creatures, leathery skin the color of burnt sienna, massive cranium and ears to match, cackling and guttural voices that slipped past jagged teeth; Ferengi smugglers, though Galen would never learn the name of the species, nor would the Federation for over a century. They blindfolded him and bound his hands, dragging him down to the lower decks of the station and stringing him up on one of the pipes to keep his hands away from them, delighting in the fact that they were immune to his telepathic abilities. He was starved and beaten for days, the creatures taking turns so there was no interval, his own body's enhanced senses and nervous system betraying him as the pain was naturally increased tenfold. He would go into shock, pass out, only to be snapped back to consciousness moments later, over and over and over...

Galen, to this day, remains unaware of precisely how long he was held prisoner before the little monsters became bored and left him for dead along with the bodies of the missing security chief and his team mates. By the time he was found and rushed to sickbay, they were long gone, as were any human co-conspirators that may have still been alive.

The entire incident was a turning point for an otherwise naive and good-natured young man, pain becoming fear which became paranoia. For a month after he was found, Galen was kept confined to a private room in sickbay, terrified that the beings that had tortured him would return and that he would never sense them coming; Starfleet officials didn't believe his claims of an unknown species that was undetectable by telepathic scans had attacked him and overpowered their security team, attempting to convince Galen that he was merely suffering from post traumatic stress. Galen grew increasingly bitter, insisting that he be reassigned to another Starbase, eventually ending up Earth-side again at Starbase-1 in late 2256.

It quickly became clear to Galen's superiors that the incident on Starbase-2 had affected him a great deal, his methods of interrogation becoming more and more severe as well as his preferred form of arrest, having honed his telepathy to the point of rendering a fleeing criminal paralyzed with a glance; they could not argue that he got results, but he was reprimanded on numerous occasions regarding the morality of his methods. It wouldn't matter much, however, as after only two short years on Starbase-1, Vulcan would be destroyed and Galen would be called on to assist the medical staff on Earth after the attack on San Francisco near Starfleet Academy, his ability to reduce the pain in others far easier to administer to extreme cases rather than risking losing someone during anesthesia.

After Nero was defeated and the dust began to settle, Galen found himself offered up to help fill in the decimated ranks of Starfleet, assigned to a new ship: the USS Avenger.

He has promised to maintain a level of pleasant and professional decorum, mostly due to the confines of the ship being much smaller than a Starbase and it being much more difficult to avoid people...



    Like most Deltans, Galen is honestly rather well-adjusted in spite of various events in his life and very focused when it comes to his work, utilizing his natural telepathic abilities to aid in detecting and targeting enemies during space combat. While he may at times come across as aloof or too serious, truth be told he's probably grinning at you beneath the surface at a secret joke or a well-timed, subtle insult at your expense that was worded well enough that it completely passes over your head. He doesn't mean it to be malicious, though, he just can't resist a play on words and usually most don't expect him to have a sense of humor to start with.

    Able to run several lines of thought simultaneously, the highly evolved Deltan intelligence can handle the most complex spherical trigonometric complexities of space navigation as easily as a human learns simple multiplication tables, making them exceptional navigators and tactical officers, though very few still held enough interest in space travel to enroll in Starfleet. Galen was one of the few exceptions, having grown bored with the somewhat excessively hedonistic lifestyle the Deltans had developed over the centuries, seeking out other species to both study and experience things with. Unfortunately, he is well-aware that the more subconscious aspects of his telepathy may become an issue, but at this point in time there would be no way to dampen those abilities (such as during sleep or when he is rendered unconscious, as this does not completely stop brain activity). All he has been able to do is assure Starfleet officials as well as the command crew that he will control them to the best of his ability.

    Part of the reason behind his subconscious mental activity being an issue would be inherent sensuality behind having a Deltan root around in your skull, even without them realizing it, combined with natural pheromones that they have no real control over that stimulate a basically sexual response from those around them, male and female alike...even when the attention itself is completely unwanted by the Deltan in question. As is required of all Deltans entering Starfleet, Galen has taken a vow of celibacy, though how well he is able to adhere to this vow under duress is another story entirely.

    His presence is overall serene and calming, but like most sentient beings he does have minor aggressive tendencies when pushed too far and will not hesitate to defend himself. Starfleet Security is an odd position for someone coming from a formerly war-ridden culture that rather abruptly became pacifist, but Galen is good at what he does. As with all sane telepathic and empathic beings, forcibly invading the mind of another is akin to rape and is forbidden, though Galen has in the past (as a Starfleet Security Officer on Federation Starbase 2) used this for interrogations and to inflict pain on criminals should they attempt to escape. Though he is not necessarily proud of his actions, he cannot deny that it gets results. After an incident during his assignment on Starbase-2 that ended in the deaths of nearly half the primary Security team and his own torture, he's become a bit less remorseful of his actions as time goes by.

    He will not invade the minds of others without express permission, except in dire situations and never invasively unless he wishes to cause harm to an enemy. He cannot, however, be held fully accountable for any trace thoughts or emotions he picks up should you be screaming internally or your thoughts are hormonally charged (you lusty creatures, you).

    In some ways, because of his wanderlust and drive to explore, along with his use of his telepathy as a weapon, Galen can be seen as unique amongst his people.


    Galen As with all full-blooded Deltans, Galen is lean, pale, and completely hairless save for his eyelashes and eyebrows and a light layer of peach fuzz over his forearms, and his eyes are a muted gray-green.

    Galen wears the Deltan insignia on a black armband along with his Starfleet uniform. Off-duty, Galen wears rather plain, but loose-fitting tunics and pants, usually in grey or pale blues made of a soft fabric produced on Delta IV, or just loose-fitting clothing in general, typically black if they are not from Delta IV. Unless of course he is alone in his quarters, then he prefers being without clothing.

    Galen's back and the upper portions of his thighs and his shoulders are covered in scars of varying length, width, and depth from an incident on Starbase-2 that would eventually lead to his more aggressive use of this telepathic abilities. He refuses to speak of the incident and will divert the conversation if asked.

    Another physical aspect of Deltans is their ability to alleviate pain by touch. Though they are unable to actually heal injuries or illness, they are often called on to remove pain from those who are in recovery or are too far gone to save to allow them to have a peaceful passing. Galen has, as with his telepathy, determined how to reverse the effects to cause pain during interrogations or when the need to physically disable an enemy without weapons is needed.


GIVE US A SAMPLE OF YOUR ROLEPLAYING ABILITY. Give us an idea of how your character speaks, thinks, acts, reacts, etc...


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