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 Races of the Galaxy

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PostSubject: Races of the Galaxy   Races of the Galaxy I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 26, 2012 12:58 am

Sharp: Arkanians are considered quite intelligent, starting with a d6 in their Smarts.
Infravision: Arkanians can see in the infrared spectrum. They suffer half penalties in Dim or Dark conditions.
Cold Resistant: Arkanians have a +1 to Vigor tests when resisting Cold effects.
Arrogant: As the Major Hindrance, but this can be removed with two Advances.

Description: Arkanians are four-digited near-Humans that hail from the world of Arkania. There are numerous subspecies of Arkanians as a result of extensive genetic manipulation by Arkanian scientists that it is difficult to discern what exactly is a baseline Arkanian. They typically believe that they are the pinnacle of genetic perfection, which makes them come off as quite arrogant to other species.

Multiple Appendages: Besalisks have four arms. They are automatically Ambidextrous as the Edge, as they have no primary hand or off-hand. Though females can have up to eight, for game purposes four is what they start with.
Hardy: Besalisks start with a d6 in Vigor.
Slow: Besalisks aren’t known for their speed. They start with a 4 in their Pace.

Description: Also known as Ojom and hailing from the oceanic world of the same name, Besalisks are descendants of flightless avians, though often mistaken for reptiles. Their bulky size and shape enables them to store food and water to enable them to survive for long periods of time without
replenishment. Known also to be quite sociable and amenable, this characteristic has served Besalisks well throughout their history.


Evolved Intellect: Starts with d6 in Smarts, +2 to Knowledge rolls.
Frail: -1 Toughness; -2 Resistance to Poison, Disease, and Fatigue from Exhaustion.
Heightened Awareness: As Alertness Edge.
Meditative Trance: Biths only need to rest and sleep for 4 hours a day.

Description: One of the galaxy’s most ancient civilized races, the Bith are craniopods that are native to the planet Clak’dor VII, though they are fully adapted to the hightechnological civilization of the galaxy at large, and are found practically everywhere. Known for their sensitivity to their surroundings and their intellectual prowess, Bith are notably prominent as engineers, scientists, advisors, and musicians.


Agile: Starts with d6 in Agility.
Iron Will: Bothans have an above average will; they get a +2 to Spirit rolls to avoid being manipulated or tricked (this includes Force abilities).
Frail: -1 Toughness.
Street Smart: Bothans are very aware of the seedier nature of civilizations. They gain a +2 to Streetwise rolls.

Description: Bothans are furry mammalian anthropoids who share characteristics with equine, feline, and canine creatures. Known for their political approaches to conflicts rather than overt military displays of force, the Bothans are also known for their propensity for espionage. A group of Bothans were credited with discovering the location of the second Death Star over Endor, along with the information that the Emperor would be on location to oversee the final stages of that battlestation’s construction.


Smart: Due to their binary brains, Cereans start with a d6 in their Smarts.
Intuitive: When dealt a card for Initiative, Cereans may choose to draw a second card. They must keep the second card even if it’s worse than their first card.
All-Thumbs: Cereans often have trouble dealing with technology that isn’t directly built by or suited for them. They suffer all the effects of the All-Thumbs minor hindrance.

Description: Native to the world of Cerea, Cereans are tall humanoids with elongated tapered craniums that housed their binary brains which enable them to focus on many things at the same time. Due to the shorter lifespan of males (roughly similar to that of humans), Cerean males often marry many wives, with one primary wife as the “bond-wife” and the others being “honor-wives.” As a result, Cerean males often have no money.


Aquatic: Chagrians can breathe underwater, and may Swim at a rate equal to their Pace. Chagrians start with a d4 in Swimming.
Radiation Resistant: Chagrians double their Toughness where it comes to the effects of Radiation based effects.
Lack of Taste: Chagrians lost their sense of taste over the course of prolonged sea-dwelling. They lack the ability to taste foods and thus are vulnerable to ingested poisons without a means to scan for them.

Description: The Chagrians are a race of stoic amphibians from the world of Champala. They typically live long the scant coastlines of their aquatic world, where their homes are allowed to flood with the tides of the oceans. They are known for their dedication to the integration of government with all aspects of their civilization, ranging from providing health care to education. They are considered by many to be non-greedy, motivated to serve the greater needs of their clutches and their world, and by extension the galaxy as a whole.


Thermal Vision: Chiss have the ability to see in the infrared spectrum. They gain a +2 to their Notice rolls, even in Dim or Dark conditions, and this can negate a certain amount of Concealment.
Skilled: Chiss culture stresses excellence in what one does. They gain 2 Skill Points at character creation.
Outsider: In general, the Chiss keep to themselves in their Chiss Ascendency. Among a galaxy of aliens everywhere the Chiss make quite an impression. He suffers all the effects of the Outsider minor Hindrance.

Description: A highly advanced humanoid race, the Chiss have established their own interstellar domain known as the Chiss Ascendancy. They have blue skin, black hair, and bright red luminous eyes. They have a strong sense of duty and are fiercely independent of their nation and their culture.


Changeling: Clawdites are capable of altering their appearance to look like someone else. This is limited to their general shape, and humanoid features and size. It requires a Spirit roll to maintain this disguise from their natural, reptilian form, if they are distracted in some way.
Sneaky: Clawdites are good at hunting and stealth. They start with a d4 in Stealth.
Overconfident: As the Hindrance, but this can be overcome with two Advances.

Description: Clawdites are a shape-changing species native to the planet of Zolan. Often referred to as Changelings, Clawdites are normally reptilian in appearance when they’re not impersonating another humanoid creature.


Male: Starts with a d6 in Agility, and either the Mean or the Greedy (Minor) Hindrances.
Female: Starts with d6 in Smarts and the Cautious or Stubborn Hindrances.
Extra Edge: A Devaronian starts with an extra Edge for free.

Description: One of the more unusual humanoid races in the galaxy, Devaronians exhibit a stark gender dimorphism. Males are smooth skinned with horns protruding from their foreheads, while females are often covered in fur from head to toe ranging from dark brown to white. Where males are considered aggressive and brash with mouths full of sharp incisors; females are regarded as more docile and political, with mouths full of molars and a couple of incisors. Devaronians developed one of the galaxy’s first hyperdrive systems more than 27,000 years ago, and are one of the oldest star-faring races.


Intelligent: A Duros starts with a d6 in his Smarts.
Pilot: Flying ships comes rather naturally to the spacefaring Duros culture. Duros start with a d4 in Piloting.
Frail: Duros start with a -1 to Toughness

Description: The Duros are a humanoid species with smooth blue-green skin, bald heads with large eyes. Hailing from the world of Duro, they were one of the galaxy’s first star-faring civilizations. Normally taciturn, they do love to talk about their travels and are often great sources of information about various sectors of the galaxy.

Small: as the hindrance
Primitive: Ewoks start off with the All-Thumbs hindrance. It can be bought off for one level up.
Illiterate: as the hindrance
Outsider: as the hindrance

Description: Ewoks are small furry (arguably)sentient humanoids from the forest moon of Endor. It is rare to see Ewoks off their home planet as they have not achieved any sort of industrial, or spacefaring civilization. In fact, they seem to be perpetually stuck in a hunter-gatherer lifestyle that has yet to rise above the stone age. Occasionally spacers will take one as a pet, mascot or a form of walking emergency rations.


Esthetically Pleasing: Falleen have the Attractive Edge for free.
Pheromones: Fallen exude pheromones pleasing to the genders of almost any race. They grant a +2 to their Persuasion tests.
Cold-Blooded: Falleen are more susceptible to the effects of Cold. They face an extra -1 penalty to all Vigor tests to resist the effects of Cold.

Description: Falleen are a cold-blooded reptilian humanoid species that can alter their skin pigmentation to reflect their mood, and they use pheromones to affect the mood of others. They are an advanced species that has been a member of the Republic 4,000 years prior to the Battle of Yavin. Their planetary origin is unknown.


Strong: Feeorin start with a d6 to their Strength.
Large: Feeorin are Large humanoids, and they get the Brawny Edge for free, along with a +1 to their Toughness.
Mean: Feeorin are notoriously bullish around others, using their size and strength to get their way. They start with the Mean Hindrance.

Description: Feeorin are tall, warm-blooded reptilian humanoid species with long tentacles that protrude from their heads which gives them a similar appearance to the Nautolans. They are known to be quick to anger and are quite impersonal in relation to others. Since the demise of their adopted homeworld of Odryn, Feeorin have since become a scattered, nomadic race, finding a home wherever they can. As a result, their species has few cultural references of its own.


Ultraviolet Vision: Gands gain +2 to Notice rolls even in Dim or Dark conditions. Concealment modifiers apply if a target is hiding.
Regeneration: Gands have an amazing ability to regenerate from serious injury. If they are not killed, Gands can regenerate and completely recover from Injuries in 2d10 days.
Outsider: As the Outsider Major Hindrance.
Hard to Kill: As the Edge.
Special Equipment: Gands require special breathing equipment in order to survive outside the atmosphere of their home world. If he loses this equipment, or it becomes damaged, the Gand begins to suffocate. Gands also have a vocabulator, which enables them to communicate in languages other than Gand. Without it, he cannot communicate.

Description: An insect race that breathes an ammoniaenriched gas, Gands are known for the profession known as Findsmen, who are renown bounty hunters among their own culture. Gands are a highly durable species, capable of regenerating lost limbs and organs. Though they may appear to be a relatively humble species in general, their reputation as ruthless warriors should not be ignored.

Adaptable: Humans start with a free edge of their choice

Description: Humans are the most common and widespread race in the galaxy. If you need me to explain what they look like, go find a mirror.


Spirited: Starts with a d6 in Spirit.
Bellow: As the Stun Power, with a Sonic Trapping. May be used once a day.
Clumsy: It costs Ithorians twice as much as required to increase their Agility attribute.

Description: Natives of the planet Ithor, the Ithorians are herbivorous humanoids with elongated “T” misshapen heads. They are an ancient star-faring race that long ago developed city-sized “herdships” in an effort never to desecrate their beloved “Mother Ithor.” Highly spiritual, the Ithor are quite pacifistic on the whole, preferring to inflict guilt trips on other races rather than direct physical confrontations.

Kel Dor

Wise: Starts with a d6 in Spirit.
Frail: -1 to Toughness.
Force Sensitive: Kel Dor are known for their affinity for the Force.
Special Equipment: Outside their natural environment, Kel Dor cannot survive without special goggles and breathing apparatus. This apparatus can actually enable a Kel Dor to survive in Vacuum. Without this equipment, the Kel Dor is blind and will begin to suffocate.

Description: Kel Dor come from the technological world of Dorin. They are roughly the same size and build as humans, with heads that tapered to a gaping mouth surrounded by four tusks protruding from the sides of their jaws. They normally go about wearing special goggles and a breathing mask when in oxygen-rich atmospheres or any atmosphere that’s alien to their normal helium-rich one on Dorin. Kel Dor are unique for their near common affinity with the Force, having been familiar with it long before they joined the Galactic Republic and the Jedi. Their Baran Do Sages, though smaller in number due to the dominance of Jedi doctrine, are still a prominent Force using tradition on Dorin and other worlds.


Force Sensitive: Miraluka are all sensitive with the Force.
Sight: Physically, Miraluka are blind, but they are able to use the Force to see all about them. This does require the Miraluka to devote a Force Point at all times to using this power. Without it (meaning he has spent the last of his Force Points), he is blind; Extras of this race are assumed to have one Force Point, only for this purpose. Creatures that are invisible to the Force, such as Yuuzhan Vong and Ysalimiri, or those who successfully utilize Shroud are invisible to this sight.
Slow Response: Miraluka are dealt two Initiative cards and must take the worst of the two.

Description: The Miraluka are near-Humans who, over many centuries of living on a world where the sun’s rays only come in the infrared spectrum. They are able to see through their affinity with the Force. The Miraluka tend to wear masks or veils to cover their empty eye-sockets. They are quite introspective and are a culture known for its general lack of ambition for personal gain or glory.

Mon Calamari

Aquatic: Cannot drown in sea-water. Starts with a d4 in Swimming, and has a normal Pace while swimming underwater.
Low-Light Vision: No penalties for seeing in Dim or Dark lighting conditions.
Frail: -1 to Toughness.

Description: One of the two principle races on the oceanic world of Dac, the Mon Calamari are an advanced star-faring culture of amphibians with a rich civilization of culture, art, science, and engineering. They are roughly the size of a human, but with large eyes and fins on their hands and feet, with skin colors ranging from copper to salmon in color. They can dive down to 30 meters before requiring special equipment. They share Dac with the Quarren, with whom they have had numerous conflicts with for control.


Agile; The Nagai start with a D6 in Agility
Low-Light Vision: No penalties for seeing in Dim or Dark lighting conditions
Code of Honor; The Nagai start with the Code of Honor hinderance

The Nagai were near-Humans with pale skin, jet-black hair, gray eyes, and angular features. Their appearance gave the impression that they were dead rather than alive. They believed strongly in honor and battle.


Aquatic: Cannot drown in sea-water. Starts with a d4 in Swimming and can move at a normal Pace underwater.
Vigorous: Nautolans start with a d6 in Vigor.
Enhanced Smell: Nautolans can detect emotional states of various creatures, and thus gain a +2 to any Notice check when appraising other people, including if whether or not they’re lying or bluffing.
Clueless: Nautolans are notably unconcerned with events happening off world, unless it directly concerns them.
All-Thumbs: Except where underwater technology is concerned, Nautolans have a bit harder time adapting to alien technology.

Description: Nautolans are humanoid cephalopods roughly the size of humans with long tentacles descending from their heads. They come from the aquatic world of Glee Anselm, and have no difficulties that other aquatic creatures may have on dry land.


Choose one of the following sets:
Kajain’sa Nikto: The most common sub-species of Nikto, noted for their orange-bronze skin, forehead ridges and small horns on their faces, the Kajain’sa Nikto is highly adapted to hot, dry desert conditions. They gain +2 to all Vigor tests related to Heat conditions.
Kadas’sa Nikto: Also known as the Green Nikto, this subspecies is more adapted for mild forest regions. They possess claws that deal Str+d4 damage, and grant +2 to Climbing tests.
Esral’sa Nikto: Dwelling in the mountainous regions of Kintan has evolved this blue-grey skinned subspecies to be more resilient to the cold. They get +2 to all Vigor tests related to Cold effects.
Gluss’sa Nikta: This pale subspecies of Nikto is quite adapted to life on the high seas. They start with a d4 in Swimming and can move at his normal Pace underwater.
M’shento’su Nikto: Known as the “southern Nikto,” this subspecies has no horns, a covered nose and several sets of breathing tubes which served as ultrasensory olfactory organs. They gain a +2 to Notice tests relating to smells.
All-Nikto: Instead of one of the above sets, the Nikto may instead opt for a Free Edge starting out.

All Nikto Get:
Unexpressive: Due to the lack of the development of facial muscles among Nikto, they automatically get a -1 to Charisma.

Description: The Nikto are a reptllian humanoid race comprising five distinct subspecies that are the result of their dying star’s high radiation spurring a jump-start in their evolutionary development dependent on the general region where the Nikto roamed on their homeworld of Kintan. All five sub-species can interbreed with a great chance that the offspring will assume the characteristics of one parent or the other, with a small chance that it will gain features of both.


Tough: Quarren start with a d6 to Vigor.
Rude: Quarren’s impatient demeanor makes them come off as rude to other races. They get a -2 to Charisma.
Aquatic: Cannot drown in sea-water. Quarren start with a d4 in Swimming and can move at a normal Pace underwater.
Low-Light Vision: Quarren have no penalties for Dim and Dark Lighting.
Stubborn: As the Hindrance.

Description: The other sentient species that shares the world of Dac with the Mon Calamari, the Quarren are an aquatic race with a head that resembles a squid, with prehensile tentacles extending down on either side of their mouths. They have reddish-brown to grey-green skin which has been known to change during mating rituals. The Quarren have had numerous long-standing conflicts with the Mon Calamari over control of their world.


Agile: Rodians start with a d6 in their Agility.
Thermal Vision: Rodians can see in the infrared spectrum, which can negate Light Concealment and enable them to see in Dim and Dark conditions.
Overconfident: As the Hindrance.
Mean: -2 to Charisma.
Tracker: Rodians gain +2 to Tracking rolls.

Description: Rodians were a reptilian humanoid species native to Rodia in the Tyrius system. Highly recognizable due to characteristics in facial structure and skin pigment, Rodians were infamous for their violent culture, which sprang from the difficulties of life in the jungles of their homeworld. Though they were often relegated to the fringes of galactic society as bounty hunters or criminal henchmen, Rodians were not merely simple-minded thugs. The Rodian people managed to produce artists, merchants, and politicians who were found even among the upper classes of the Core Worlds.


Tough: Sullustans start with a d6 in their Vigor.
Survivalist: Sullustans start with a d4 in Survival.
Near-Sighted: Sullustans suffer an additional -1 to all Range Increments, including Short range.

Description: A diminutive species of near-Humans, Sullustans ranged from 1 to 1.8 meters in height and bore round, tapered skulls. Sullustans were distinguishable for their almond-shaped black eyes, facial jowls called dewflaps and large, round ears. Their wide earlobes provided excellent hearing, and their large eyes provided exceptional low-light vision and excellent peripheral vision. Sullustans could see up to 20 meters in the dark without being sensitive to infra-red, meaning they could effectively read and see normally with no light at all. Perhaps due to their relative lack of exposure to natural light, Sullustans began to suffer from corneal defects after 30 standard years. After significant deterioration, many chose to wear special visors to prevent further damage. Some Sullustans tattooed their heads as a form of individual expression.


Agile: Togruta start with a d6 in their Agility.
Sneaky: Togruta start with a d4 in Stealth.
Frail: -1 to Toughness.

Description: The Togruta were a humanoid species from the planet Shili. The race exhibited head-tails which were similar to those of Twi'leks, perhaps suggesting a common ancestry. Togruta were also distinguished by montrals, large hollow horn-like projections from the top of their heads, that gave the species a form of passive echolocation. In order to protect themselves from dangerous predators, and to hunt their own prey, Togruta banded together in dense tribes and relied on their natural pigmentation to disrupt and confuse the slow-witted beasts. Togruta worked well in large groups, and individualism was seen as abnormal within their culture, although it was also a necessary quality in leaders.


Strong: Trandoshans begin with a d6 in their Strength.
Regeneration: Trandoshans may regenerate Injuries in a matter of 2d10 days, if they are not killed.
Natural Armor: +1 to Toughness.
Thermal Vision: Trandoshans can see in the infrared spectrum, which can negate Light Concealment and enable them to see in Dim and Dark conditions.
Clumsy: Trandoshans need to spend twice what is required to increase their Agility.
Cold-Blooded: Trandoshans have a tougher time in colder climates, and suffer a -2 to their Vigor rolls to avoid succumbing to cold effects.

Description: Trandoshans (T'doshok in their language) were large, bipedal reptilian humanoids from the planet Trandosha (or Dosha). They had super-sensitive eyes that could see into the infrared range and the ability to regenerate lost limbs, although very slowly, and were anatomically built heavier and stronger than most humanoids, including Humans. They would also periodically shed their skin. Unlike some other reptilian humanoids such as the Barabels and the Ssi-ruuk, Trandoshans had no tails. The Trandoshans were a warlike species who allied early with the Empire, taking Wookiees as slaves. They are renowned in the galaxy for their great physical strength.


Dextrous: Trianii start with a d6 in Agility
Acrobatic: Trianii naturally have the Acrobat Edge
Hidebound: Trianii tend to think their ways are the only correct ways; this gives them the Stubborn and Outsider Hindrances

Description: The Trianii were an advanced, adventurous felinoid species that inhabited the outermost portion of the Tingel Arm bordering the Corporate Sector. Their homeworld was Trian. Their general form was in some ways similar to the Togorians, Cathar, and Catuman Warriors (indeed, many Trianii that were found on other worlds were mistaken for the aforementioned species), and like them, Trianii had excellent balance and eyesight, and a talent for leaping, jumping, and acrobatics. Unlike most other feline species, however, Trianii had prehensile tails. They had fur, which could come in a variety of colors and patterns. Adult Trianii averaged two meters in height. Trianii females were generally stronger than their male counterparts, as well as being more dexterous and mindful of artistic values. For this reason, tribunals of females called yu'nar governed their society. Trianii culture was organized around their religious beliefs, with dance, art, music, literature, and even industry and commerce all revolving around spirituality. At one time, the Trianii had many different religions, but the leaders of these different faiths all agreed upon a specific moral code of conduct and brought together a religious coalition that lasted for thousands of years. Most Trianii were still active in the traditional faith of their families, though, and all religious figures were held in great regard.

Charismatic: As the Edge.
Low-Light Vision: Twi’leks ignore penalties for Dim and Dark lighting conditions.
Weak-Willed: Twi’Leks suffer a -2 penalty to their Tests of Will.

Description: Twi'leks (pronounced /'twilɛk/) were an omnivorous humanoid species originating from the planet Ryloth. They tended to eat cultivated molds, fungi, and rycrit meat. Their distinctive features included colorful skin, which varied in pigment from individual to individual, and a pair of shapely prehensile tentacles that grew from the base of their skulls. The tentacles, called "brain-tails” or "head-tails" are advanced organs used for communication and cognitive functions. Twi'leks possessed a fairly standard humanoid vocal structure and were capable of learning most alien languages; however, they usually preferred their native language of Ryl, which incorporated subtle movement of the lekku. When they wished, they could even communicate in complete secrecy using their versatile brain-tails. Twi'lek females were often used as slaves or dancers because of their beauty.


Combat-Oriented: Ubese start with a d4 in either Fighting or Shooting.
Survivalist: Starts with a d4 Survival.
Outsider: Ubese are notoriously xenophobic. They get the Outsider Hindrance as a result.
Special Equipment: Outside their homeworld, Ubese cannot survive without a breathing apparatus. If he loses his breathing mask he will start to suffocate. Ubese also require a vocabulator in order to communicate with others; without it his voice comes out as a mere whisper. Ubese characters get an environmental suit for free (+1 Toughness and +1 to Vigor rolls to resist environmental effects).
Awkward: Their general impairments make them a bit socially awkward beyond other Ubese. They start with a -2 to their Charisma.

Description: The Ubese were near-Humans who appeared graceful but frail. They tended to have fair skin and dark hair, with eye colors of brilliant green or blue. They could not grow any facial hair. Their facial structure was narrow, with high cheekbones and eyes that appeared much too large for their faces when compared to baseline Humans. Males and females of the species both stood roughly by the same height – around 1.4 meters and 1.9 meters – with males being slightly heavier of build than females. Their vocal chords could not produce speech above a rasping whisper sound, so they used a highly refined form of sign language called Ubennial when communicating with other Ubese. After centuries of having scratched a tenuous existence breathing the parched and oxygen-poor air on their planet, the “true” Ubese from Uba IV had to use specially tuned breath masks or filters to process Type I atmospheres. Few beings, however, knew what an Ubese looked like – they rarely, if ever, appeared to non-Ubese unless concealed by masks, battle armors, or environmental suits. Those who have interacted face to face with an Ubese have not recognized them as such, because there are no records in any databases that describe their appearances.


Survivalist: Weequay start with a d4 in Survival, and a +2 to Vigor tests regarding Heat effects.
Pheromonic Language: Weequay possess pheromones that aren’t meant to alter the mood of others, but to communicate with one another. This language is known
only to the Weequay and is not understood even by protocol droids, though Jedi senses can detect if a pair or a group of Weequay are communicated in this manner.
Mean: Weequay characters start with the Mean Hindrance.

Description: A race of humanoids from the arid world of Sriluur in the Outer-Rim, the Weequay are a rather clannish, xenophobic species who are known for a surly and aggressive demeanor. They tend to travel in groups when off their homeworld, often selling their services as mercenaries or bodyguards. The result of their recent war with Houk colonists on their own homeworld has given them a good reputation for making some of the finest force pikes in the known galaxy.


Strong: Wookiees start with a d6 to their Strength.
Large: Bigger than most humanoids, Wookiees get the Brawny Edge for free, along with a +1 to their Toughness.
Claws: These natural claws are primarily good for Climbing, granting them a +2 to their Climbing Rolls. They rate as Str+2 weapons.
Outsider: As the Hindrance.

Description: Large hairy humanoid omnivores from the lush and heavily forested world of Kashyyyk, Wookiees are a proud and highly technological species. Known for their great size and strength and their strong devotion to honor and integrity, Wookiiees have developed a reputation throughout the galaxy as worthwhile allies and dreaded enemies. On their hands, Wookiees have claws that are used for climbing, particularly for climbing the mighty trees that exist on Kashyyyk. Though they could be used as a weapon, Wookiiees find the use of such claws as dishonorable and disgraceful.


Adept: Zabrak start with a d6 in their Smarts attribute.
Resilient: Zabrak gain +2 to rolls to resist Fatigue from heat and cold effects, and gain +1 Toughness.
Uncouth: Zabrak aren’t particularly known for social graces. They start with a -1 to their Charisma. This can be negated with an Advance.

Description: Also known as Iridonians, Zabraks are roughly the same size as humans but with the distinct feature of a crown of vestigial horns on the top of their heads. Zabraks indulge in cultural tattoos that they adorn on their face and bodies which symbolize many things ranging from rites of passage to family lineage. Their species itself is further differentiated by skin coloration depending on the world they hail from, but unlike humans do not grow facial hair or eyelashes. Zabraks are known for being quite determined and single-minded in what they do.


Attractive: Zeltrons have the Attractive Edge for free.
Pheromones: When dealing with members of an opposite gender of any race, Zeltrons gain a +2 to their Persuasion rolls.
Overconfident: Their social capabilities have given many Zeltrons a false sense of competence in themselves in various capacities. They start with this Hindrance which can be overcome if they spend Two Advances.

Description: Zeltrons are near-Humans who are chiefly known for their exotic and almost unnatural beauty and their passionate approach to life. While thought of as particularly hedonistic, Zeltrons are thrill-seekers, who find the conflicts that come from love and warfare to be the real spice of life. Though they hail from the world of Zeltros, Zeltrons themselves have no particularly culture that differentiates them from the greater galactic culture as a whole. Zeltron females are highly prized as dancers and concubines.
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Races of the Galaxy
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