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Reknown Title: The Light of Álfheimr
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Origin: Álfheimr

Gender: Variable (effectively androgynous)

Age: 7,000 (approx)


DOB: Unknown


Regeneration • Under the terms of the curse placed upon her by Valerian, a sorcerer then possessed by the demon Moloch, Aeryn is forced to live for eternity. Upon her death, depending on the circumstances and methods surrounding it, Aeryn will either be reborn as a child and forced to live a full life from birth to death or her soul is pulled from the Astral Plane and placed within the body of someone who is marked by the gods to pass on soon. To this point, she has lived through fifteen different lives of varying longevity.

Defensive Sorcery • Includes but is not limited to: physical defense shields, magical defense shields, protection spells that shield the person or object from magical detection, healing spells, and the ability to draw energy from her surroundings to cut down casting/charge time.

Offensive Sorcery • Attack spells, generally referred to by the uninitiated as "Black Magic". Fire-based attacks, attacks that affect the astral body of the opponent, spells to charge and enhance physical weaponry, etc.

Teleportation • Though a great deal of concentration and strain is required, Aeryn is able to create a "rip" in space-time to transport herself from one location to another, sometimes unable to predict where she will exit the rip. She is only able to do this maybe once in a 24 hour period so soon after a regeneration. The recharge gap will lessen as her soul becomes more accustomed to the new body.

"Sending" • A form of closed-circuit telepathy, generally restricted to close friends and family but can sometimes be extended to traveling companions for a short time. It is, almost literally, sending thoughts and images back and forth between two people. Not exactly comparable to telepathy, as it is not able to be connected to a large amount of people at one time without several powerful Senders as additional conduits or a magical amplifier.

Dragon's Fury • A concentrated blast of energy that is powerful enough to level a city, leaving nothing but a crater in its wake. Though typically the worst case scenario last resort, this spell has put an end to civil wars and has been the turning point of many large-scale wars over the last 7,000 years. It has also been the cause of Aeryn's death at least six times; Aeryn is not immune to the effects of the spell and has been caught in the blast, leaving no trace behind.


Long ago, Aeryn was born the only child of an elven healer to a family of nobles, Marisyal, and a soldier, Jarrett Sivahn, outside of wedlock. The head of their city-state, a despicable man by the name of Tarka de Tuatha, took a liking to his healer and, after his most recent wife mysteriously "vanished", took Marisyal as his wife. He secretly abused young Aeryn (then seven years old), locking her in the dungeons for months at a time all the while telling her mother she had gone to study abroad. Unknown to Tarka, Aeryn would sneak away when she was not in the dungeons and train with her birth father in swordplay, though the former soldier and guardsman had been forbidden to be anywhere near the family or their estate. Aeryn escaped her prison at age fifteen during a war. Valerian, a well-known and celebrated sorcerer then possessed by the demon Moloch, and his unholy hoard attacked Tarka's estate and the surrounding city, reducing it to rubble and making a tomb of the grand castle. Aeryn watched in horror as Valerian murdered her mother, throwing the small woman's body at her daughter's feet. Aeryn and another young man, Xemael Kureilyn (Marisyal's apprentice), were the only survivors, awakening amidst the carnage without a scratch on them. Why Valerian had allowed them to live, Aeryn may never know.

Aeryn sought revenge against Valerian for killing her mother. She was shunned by the neighboring cities, seen as cursed and favored by the demon that had spared her. They blamed her for the deaths of their family and friends that had lived in Tarka's realm. She spent years travelling with Xemael, her only companion, until the two finally found a peaceful area they could live. The two had fallen in love during their struggles and decided to start a family. Their first and only daughter, Zara Mikala Kureilyn, was born in humble surroundings, a small farmhouse on the outskirts of a nearby city. They lived happily together, the three of them, for seven years.

Aeryn soon discovered that Valerian was not finished tormenting her. War had broken out along the coast and Xemael was called in to lend his healing abilities to the men and women on the front lines. Xemael bid his family a tearful farewell, assured them he would return safely, and departed. He was never heard from again. Aeryn received word that he had died defending his lieutenant against Valerian himself. Wrought with depression, Aeryn nearly died of heartache.

News of a new demonic general, Valerian's new right-hand man, reached the city. Aeryn was shocked that this new general's apperance was strikingly similar to her beloved Xemael. Part of her was happy, but only a small part. If it was indeed Xemael, it was not the Xemael she would remember.

Late one night, after the war had begun to subside and Valerian's troops withdrew, little Zara vanished without a trace.

Xemael had come home to sever all ties with his former life. He killed his daughter as a show of loyalty and sacrifice to Moloch, then requested that he give his wife to his new master as a gift. Aeryn was killed and then resurrected as a hybrid of elf and demon, half of her elven essence completely stripped away from her soul and replaced by a void of darkness. She had become immortal, but at a price: She would be forever bound to Moloch. She lived her life of servitude in quiet obedience, knowing nothing else of life except the grand, dark halls of Valerian's estate in the mountains, the memories of her former life sealed within the furthest reaches of her mind by a spell. There, she learned how to use her demonic astral form to travel through rips in the astral plane as well as how to harness the magical energy around her to shield herself from potential dangers and to unleash a devastating attack that would level a city. She worked as a spy for Moloch as well as an assassin, until she was killed by Venaras Yddrasil, a holy knight from the capitol city of Álfheimr who had sensed her demonic side and took her out while trying to slay Valerian. She gave her life to save the creature who had stolen it from her in the first place. She had "lived" as a half-demon for almost a hundred years before her death.

She awoke with Venaras at her side, her once raven-black hair made platinum by her rebirth. She found herself lying in the grand bedroom that once belonged to Tarka and her mother, completely restored. She ran to the window, the city itself restored, as well as the people living there. Venaras attempted to explain that they were the rulers of the kingdom and had been for quite some time. Disjointed memories of Valerian, Moloch, and Xemael flooded her mind, and eventually began to drive her insane. She confronted Venaras, demanding to know the truth. He told her that the life she was living WAS the truth, that everything she had experienced until that point was a dream, a nightmare, a lie. She began to believe him...and the two lived a sweet, loving life. They even had a daughter together, whom Venaras named Zara...a name that haunted Aeryn's nightmares.

Xemael returned, his essence fused with Moloch's, demanding that Venaras release Aeryn from the spell he had her under and return her to her master. A battle began, and Venaras showed his true self: He was a holy being of light, a god in disguise as one of the Álfar, attempting to "heal" the damage done to Aeryn's soul in the hope that the power granted to her by her link to the demon lord would become sealed away. Xemael and Venaras battled, and Aeryn's memories began to resurface. She remembered her love for Xemael, their family, and the hell they had lived through at the hands of Valerian and Moloch as well as her death at the hands of Venaras. She watched as Xemael murdered her daughter for a second time. The sudden shock of memories and having to relive the loss of her daughter TWICE finally broke her. She destroyed the castle, the city, and everyone inside...including herself. She does not know if Venaras survived, nor where he may have fled to after, and the fate of the demon who had been the root of her suffering would remain unclear for several centuries.


[ fourth life ]


[ fifth life ]


[ sixth life ]


[ seventh life ]


Now, Venaras, Valerian, and Moloch are merely fragments of a long, sad dream. She has since become a wanderer, trying to find her place in the world and remember who she truly was.


    Though Aeryn's coloring once was closer to the woodland elves, with her dark hair and dark eyes, after her death and resurrection at the hands of Moloch the constant in her appearance has been the silvery-white hair and pale, lusterless glass-green eyes. Regardless of gender, Aeryn maintains rather sharp facial features and a trim, toned build. Also regardless of gender, Aeryn tends to wear mostly deep, muted shades of green and brown.

    Aeryn is rather quiet and introverted, very rarely making the first move in conversation. She doesn't trust most people and, since she is confused about what she is as well as her past, she doesn't like to talk about herself. Her disjointed memories and multiple lifetimes sometimes make her feel and act as if she is insane, plagued by multiple personalities that are, in truth, all the same person. In battle, she is cold and calculating and generally out for herself. She has a TINY humanitarian side that creates a slight compulsion to help people in need, but this is rare. She has grown world-weary, in spite of her ability to travel between realms without the use of the Bifrost Bridge, and her tolerance for the simple-mindedness of mortals, and even other immortals, has driven her largely into isolation.
    That is not to say that she lacks compassion. In spite of her avoidance of others, she has infinite patience when she feels it is warranted, and if she has decided to "keep" you, it is unlikely you will ever be free of her and your life will be rather comfortable, if not slightly boring for a time; danger and discord seem to follow her like a plague, and many have died in her company.



GIVE US A SAMPLE OF YOUR ROLEPLAYING ABILITY. Give us an idea of how your character speaks, thinks, acts, reacts, etc...


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