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 Lyle Norg

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Lyle Norg

Origin: Earth [ 31st Century ]

Gender: Male

Age: 17


DOB: 19 November


Invisibility. Lyle can turn himself and his clothing invisible at will, shielding himself from many forms of detection - telepathic, ocular, auditory (limited) - and he can extend his abilities to another individual for brief periods of time with very close contact.

Advanced Intellect. He is a genius with a skill for xenochemistry, strategy, and espionage. He is an adept technical inventor, as well.

Note. Weaknesses to his invisibility include detection by radar, advanced hearing, and being covered by flourescent dust. Additionally he is incapable of extending his invisibility to inanimate objects.


Lyle Norg’s parents were high-level diplomats, who he rarely saw. He spent most of his time with the Foccart family; especially Jacques Foccart, who was like a brother to him; and inventing things - he was a millionaire at ten from the royalties from some of his inventions, including several new flavors of ice cream. In addition, he invented the serum which gave him the power of invisibility. By the age of twelve, he and Jacques were agents for “Black Hole”, the main Earthgov spying operation. However, Mara Grace, another agent, had developed her own power - to mind-control men - and attempted to use Jacques to steal Lyle’s invisibility serum. She forced Jacques to drink it, but he had a severe allergic reaction to it, and Lyle believed him dead. He later “retired” before he hit sixteen.

His reputation, in spite of the secretive nature of “Black Hole”, earned him an invitation to join the Legion of Superheroes. His friendship with the non-Interlac speaking Chameleon Boy and his somewhat friendly rivalry with Brainiac-5, as well as his overall genial interactions with the rest of the team earned him a place as one of the core members of the team alongside Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl, Brainiac-5, Triplicate Girl, and Lightning Lad. after using one of Brainiac-5’s discarded experiments to craft the Legion Flight Rings, the “friendly rivalry” took a turn for the strained, the Coluan not taking well to someone else taking credit for the team’s equipment and inventions.

Due to his forming and leading the Espionage Squad during the conspiracy surrounding President Chu (after at one point being rescued during battle by a rather put out Brainy), Lyle was elected as team leader for his oddly natural leadership capabilities. In spite of his reluctance to be put on the spot in such a way, Lyle proved to be a highly effective leader and strategist during the Mordru crisis, even forcing Brainiac-5 to reign in his typical arrogance and reluctance to follow orders from those he felt were “inferior”, but Lyle would attempt to hoist leadership onto former team commander Cosmic Boy after being stranded in the past for a year. Rokk refused, wanting to work more in the field rather than in a command position for a while longer, and Lyle would formally resign from the post after enjoying his first date in months with Condo Arlik and wanting to essentially take a “break” from the team and it’s stresses for a bit and attempt to have a normal relationship for a while.

His bit of normalcy wouldn’t last long, however, and Lyle would be called back to active duty in time to discover his old friend Jacques was still alive, albeit unable to acknowledge him or show himself, as well as to arrest Mara Grace for her actions against both Jacques and himself.

After the Blight and Rift crises and subsequent forced disbanding of the team, R.J. Brande recruited him to help construct Legion World and work with Cosmic Boy on the “Subterfuge Squad”. Once they recovered the Lost team, he would help Brainiac 5 to perfect the Thresholds and go with Saturn Girl’s team to persuade the Kwai to act as navigators for them - calling her on her attitude to the Progeny in the process. Lyle would later become instrumental in rescuing Brainiac-5 from the Robotica - who were being controlled by a rogue C.O.M.P.U.T.O. - upon the missing team’s time lost in the Rift; Brainy would reluctantly voice his respect for Lyle as a scientist and implied this also included as a friend. During the Legion of Three Earths event, Lyle and the rest of his team discovered, through the three Brainiac-5s, that their original Earth (designated 247) was gone and they would be displaced in time until another Earth’s time-stream realigned with their future timeline; from that point on, the team as a whole would remain unaffected by time-changes and would travel between the parallel dimensions searching for their own “New Earth”.


    Lyle is actually quite plain compared to most super-beings. He has brown hair, brown eyes, skin that is neither tanned or pale, and very light freckles. The only really identifying piece of clothing other than his ring are the headbands... the bane of Brainiac-5.


    Heterosexuality is over-rated.


According to all records, calendars, and conversions this was Querl Dox's birthday. Now, had they ever celebrated it before? No, and he was fairly certain on a number of levels that should he be discovered before his task was complete, Brainy would probably go on an hour-long tirade about mis-use of the lab. The thing about that was, though, that he wasn't exactly wrong.

In general, one shouldn't use the lab as a sort of present storage or surprise party or any of that, which was precisely what Lyle was doing. He'd been gathering things that he knew Querl would like for months now, wrapping each of them in their own brightly coloured box and using ribbon on each one to make a bow. They'd then been hidden around the lab in inconspicuous places such as the decontamination showers and the empty storage spaces. Now it was his best-friend-slash-rival's birthday and he was slowly creeping around the lab putting them out in plain view.

The birthday-boy in question was working on something or other, muttering to himself and gesturing every so often. Given the amount of muttering, intensity, and number of times that the tools on the work bench were being slammed down, he only had three minutes to put everything out without being detected. Then all he'd have to do is hide and watch Querl's reactions. It was a brilliant study in social sciences.

Thirty seven boxes of various shapes and sizes were arranged on the empty surfaces of the lab. Some of the boxes had plain paper, others were patterned, only one box had a patterned ribbon and a patterned paper, and none of the boxes were white, grey, black, brown, or navy. Most of them were as bright as possible, one was the same colour as Querl's skin, but that was just a coincidence. There were some that were just basic lab supplies Brainy'd been wanting, but others were items that he'd admired before but did not feel were "necessary" for survival therefore did not indulge.

Lyle hoisted himself up on to the only other empty counter and kicked his feet, wondering if he would need to throw something now that the three minutes were up. Oh, but he wasn't dissapointed. With a sigh and a shake of his head, the Coulan turned and started to go off to gather up another instrument when he noticed that something was wrong. "NORG!!"

The plan would have gone off without a hitch... if only he hadn't laughed too hard and fallen off the counter.


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Lyle Norg
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