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 Puck of Oberon

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Origin: Miðgarðr

Gender: Male, subject to change

Age: Several Thousand


DOB: Unimportant


Magics. Specifically spell casting and conjuration. While he does not require spells, the majority of his magics require him to speak some form of enchantment to meet an end, whether it is conjuring an object or performing major spells. Additionally is capable of animating inanimate objects if he so pleases.

Reality Bending. Include the ability to change aspects of the world around him, from minor illusions to grand-scale enchantments that change what most know about reality and the world at large.

Shape-shifting. Puck can change his form at will to be anything he pleases. It is uncertain whether this extends to inanimante objects or simply organic, living things. Most commonly it is a humanoid form.

Flight. Generally presenting in the form of levitation, the Puck can fly without enchantment or encantation. Though he can soar through the skies, he is usually seen walking or sitting in mid-air because he no longer feels the need to stand.

Invisiblity. While detectable, he can hide his form. Unfortunately beings with higher magics, keen senses, etc. are capable of detecting him and should he be covered with something such as paint he would be visible.

Possession. Perhaps one of the more interesting and under-utilised of his abilities, with help from an enchantment, the Puck may transfer his essence - soul? Mind? - into another's body. The other would remain in their body as well, as some form of consciousness, though they do not have control over their actions when Puck is at the wheel.

Important Note: As with all of Oberon's children, Puck can be bound by Iron and to some extent controlled, though he is capable of using some magics - particularly levetation and conjuration - while bound.


Though all of those who follow the Lord Oberon's rule are considered to be Children of Oberon, it is unclear whether or not Puck is - actually - one of Oberon's true children. There have been many times when Puck himself alleged to such a thing, but it is uncertain whether or not that is due to the fact that he enjoys trickery or because he is being genuine. With no one entirely certain whether or not what he says is a lie, few are willing to believe anything he says at all. Like a jinn, the Puck frequently twists words to suit his needs and wants, particularly when being forced to do something he does not want to do, and it has always been that way.

Growing under close supervision of Lord Oberon, the trickster never-the-less flourished in his own right. In his adolescence, he grew fond of pranks and plagued the members of the court with endless trouble from minor illusions, frights, bodily transformations, and so forth. The only one who appeared to be immune to his cruel tricks was Lady Titania. Some believed that was due to the high level of his respect for her, and her occasional tendancy to mother him when they would be alone. Even if this was to make up for her husband's harsh control over the trickster, he appreciated it greatly and extended to her far more courtesies than any other being.

Shortly after reaching his maturity, he did as all of Oberon's children are required to, and went to live amongst the mortals as one of them. While they were only meant to spend several decades, the Puck found a game he could play with the mortals and a challenge for himself among them. He found a man he thought to be curious, and began to immitate him, wanting to become a better or more complete version of that individual. Seeing it as a personal challenge, he refused to give it up. Even when Oberon's children were called home, he ignored the summons in favour of remaining with the mortal he had chosen to serve.

Quite unfortunately, Queen Titania also chose to ignore the summons from her husband and happened to be visiting with her mortal daughter, married to the mortal man that he served, and her new grandson. Puck - in his mortal guise - attempted to avoid discovery, but when it seemed that Oberon was going to harm the mortal family and remove the child from the care of his parents, he revealed himself to save them. When Oberon was defeated - largely in part to Puck's interference - he stripped the trickster of his powers, binding him under the condition that he would teach Queen Titania's grandson in the ways of sorcery, and only have his powers for that. This was achieved, of course, with the Lady's intervention.

And so Puck remained amongst the humans, using his mortal guise save for when he taught the Infant, which was as often as possible. As his young pupil grew the half-human boy became sympathetic to his teacher's plight, and learned an enchantment that would lift Oberon's binding spell from the Puck. Unfortunately, the instant he did Puck took his chance to escape from the realm he knew well, escaping through a portal to another universe entirely in hopes that he might avoid Lord Oberon for as long as possible. Thus he remains, moving between worlds and realms and universes as it suits him, attempting to find at least a temporary place for some amusement.


    While his appearance is variable, he prefers to appear in his "true" form, below average height, long white hair, paler - not entirely pale - skin, black eyes, and pointed ears. He has no distinguishing marks, though whether that's due to the fact that he changes his appearance frequently or because he has simply gone through the millenia unscathed is not clear.

    The Puck feels a certain amount of loyalty to people who are kind to him or who encourage him, but his loyalty can be quickly shifted to be something deadly. The only individual who has managed to gain and maintain his loyalty is Titania, wife of Oberon and Queen of Avalon. Even then, he was willing to abandon her grandchild after his bondage due to the fact that he believed that she'd wronged him by allowing her husband to bind his powers. His first and only concern is his well being, followed by the people around him who might be of use or who he owes some debt.

    While he has appeared to have some interest in individuals before, it is probably more true to state that he has no defined sexuality and no true sexual interest in other beings. Most people - regardless of race or mortality - annoy him, and that is not particularly condusive to a relationship.


Perhaps it was a bit childish of him - then again what wasn't childish of him? - to be crying when faced with a potentially perilous situation. It was also potentially a bad thing that he was almost sobbing, his chest heaving dramatically and shoulders shaking, in front of his captors. Even though they were looking the other way, he was being far from quiet and there was a high possibility they would want to convince him to stop. These brutes didn't seem above torturing their weakened captive if the mood took them and the trickster did not want to test that theory.

Even so, he cried. Tears flowed freely from his eyes, rolling down his cheeks filthy cheeks in distinct trails, some dripping off of his jaw and on to his shirt, some slipping down his neck to drench the collar. By some unfortunate twist of fate his captors had Iron chains with them when they'd crossed his path and took him by surprise. This realm was new to the Puck, and he had no idea who or what or where in any specific sense. Most importantly of all the fact that they had iron was a complete surprise, much less the abundance with which it was found. Bells, chains, weapons, plates, bowls, cups, buckles, everything one could possibly imagine made from Iron.

As if on cue, bells began to chime and the trickster wailed in agony, slamming his head back repeatedly against the wall. He would do anything to make it stop, to make the pain go away, to get out of this place and away from ths stinking, filthy, spitting, disgusting mortals who found his anguish so terribly amusing.

One of the great oafs lumbered over, a stained bit of cloth clutched in his meaty hand. Though the convulsing Fae fought him off, refusing as best he could with the man's intentions, his mouth was forced open and the cloth crammed inside. He gagged and choked, revolted by the vile taste and the mere thought of what might be on the cloth. Fortunately for him, that was all the mortal wished to do. The beast trudged back to his commrades where they sat, eating Gods-only-know with their bare fingers.

Puck tried with all of his might to force the cloth out of his mouth, but it was wedged in tightly enough to hold. His jaw started to ache, and despite the ringing in his ears he managed to think of one or two highly innapropriate little puns at his own expense. Momentarily his tears were stopped, though their remains still lingered in shining trails and cooling puddles. The Fae closed his eyes and turned his head to the side, breathing deep and even. He hoped on some level that if he appeared to be sleeping, they would not disturb him for at least a little while longer.

Only his thoughts could plague him now, thoughts of how alone he was in this universe, how much of a mistake he'd made. There was no one in all the realms who knew his whereabouts, much less how to get to him. Only the one portal existed, and it took so many times for him to be able to use it and well. None of Oberon's children, none of Avalon's court, none of the Xanatos family, and no Gargoyle knew where he was. He'd left in haste, leaving only a small note for young Alexander expressiong how proud he was of his pupil. Though she was crafty, he doubted even Lady Titania would be able to find him now.

Bound by iron and far from home the Puck's heart ached for the loss he did not know he would have. When Oberon stripped him of his powers and bound him to the mortal realm, he thought that would be the lowest moment of his life. Now that his powers were restored it made no difference. A different place, a different time, but still bound. This time he was more literal, and with even less chance of escape, no loop-hole to exploit. How would he regain his freedom? How would he manage to use his power and escape this fate?

Who would care if he did not?

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