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 Loki Odinson [Laufeyson]

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Loki Odinson [Laufeyson]

Origin: Ásgarðr

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

God, Sorcerer, Problem-Causer

DOB: Unknown


Strength. Posesses superhuman strength that surpasses even the agerage Æsir man or woman.

Stamina. Frost-Giant metabolism allows for Loki to exhibit super-human levels of stamina in all activities, and can opperate at peak levels for more than one day. This was no so when he was younger, back then it was closer to half a day.

Durability. Due to dense body tissues similar to those of the Æsir, Loki can withstand any number of attacks/injuries that would otherwise prove fatal. Often magically enhanced past those of the Asgardians, though that was learned as he aged.

Longevity. As with Asgardians, Loki does not age as quickly as humans, and though it is presumed he is capable of growing old and dying, the time has not yet come that it is possible.

Regenerative Healing Factor. Not unheard of among the Æsir, Loki's body heals itself at a high rate, tissues mending after serious injuries within days. Also enhanced with learned sorcery.

Shape Shifting. Loki has a very highly developed shape-shifting ability, and is capable of taking nearly any form of animals, people, plants, and innanimate objects. Learned.

Sorcery. Loki learned how to control mystical properties for a variety of purposes. He can enhance his natural abilities, teleport across the realms, Mystically enhance objects, bring inanimate objects to life, project images of himself or other things across distances and employ astral projection.

Additional. Genius level intellect and a great knowledge of the mystical arts are combined with his under-utilized ability to strategise. Brilliant, battle-related skill.


Born to the Jötunn matriarch Laufey, Loki was hidden from the eyes of the other Jötunn due to his small stature, which was deemed shameful by his mother. He was discovered by Odin after Laufey was slain. The All-father chose to take the Asgardian sized child with him from the Jötunheim and to raise him alongside his biological son Thor.

Loki was never truly accepted by the people of Asgard, as they prefered Thor for his strength, bravery, and willingness to do battle. Though the younger brother was also quite strong and capable in the field of battle, he prefered to direct his efforts to his studies and to sorcery. Encouraged by his mother, he continued to study his magics, frequently accompanied by the lady Sigyn, whom he was quite affectionate towards. Though Odin disapproved of his adopted son's attractions to the girl, and indeed arranged a seperate marriage for her, Frigga encouraged him to pursue the relationship... quietly, of course.

In his youth he discovered a knack for mischief, and enjoyed playing pranks and wreaking havok on the citizens of Asgard. Many viewed his mischeif as cruel and wicked, thus earning him the nickname God of Evil. Even so, Sigyn and Thor continued to keep his company, though Thor prefered that of Sif and the Warriors Three. Loki - who grew jealous of the four - decided to pull a prank on the Lady Sif, employing her vanity. He believed she was being judged based upon her looks and not, soley, her skill as a warrior, and so he rid her of her golden locks one night as she slept, showing all of Asgard the beauty without her hair. It never grew back the same, coming in straight and black instead of golden and curled. Thor did not approve of this pranking, and it was the first time that he and Loki ever truly fought.

As he grew older, Loki was also frequently blamed by the Asgardians for many things that could not be his fault. They simply used the odd son of Odin as a scapegoat whenever they pleased or were unable to take blame for their own misfortune. For instance, when Loki was instructed to negotiat a deal with a cobbler who would build the walls of Asgard and allowd the use of his stallion Svaðilfari, he was then blamed when it appeared that the cobbler would meet his contract and would then collect the payment of the sun, the moon, and the lady Freyja. Odin and the other Asgardians commanded that Loki fix the mess, as they were unwilling to pay his price. As such, one night Loki took the form of a mare and lured Svaðilfari away from his master. He believed he would be able to outrun the stallion, despite the extrordinary strength the horse displayed. Unfortunately, he was not, and while his efforts did sucessfully occupy Svaðilfari long enough for the deadline to pass, Loki was left with child. He gave birth to the eight-legged horse Sleipnir, who was then to serve as Odin's steed. This was the first instance in which his children were mistreated by Odin, though it would not be the last.

His mistreatment at the hands of his adoptive father, despite the love recieved from his mother, Sigyn, and even Thor, led to bitterness in Loki's heart, and he repeatedly has tried to overthrow Asgard and destroy his father and brother. All-in-all, it's completely understandable.


    When in the guise of one of the Æsir, Loki is tall, pale-skinned, with dark hair and green eyes. With his true Jötunn face, his skin is a pale blue, his eyes are red, and he bears marks of his race all over his flesh. He has no scars to speak of, no marks such as those. He frequently wears green and gold.

    Loki is out for himself and himself alone. He is selfish, vain, and does not take criticism easily. He is capable of being loyal to those he cares about until such time as he feels they have betrayed him, in which case it takes much longer to regain his trust if at all. He does have a kind side to him, and is capable of tenderness and love. However, few would want to see that about him and he allows even fewer close enough to notice.

    Loki cares only for his ambitions, his mother, Sigyn, and Thor. Even so, he feels as though Thor has turned against him and appears to hate his brother, though he does not. He is simply angry.


When last they spoke, he saw her smile and something foreign within him sparked. Nothing seemed more important than seeing her smile again, to hear the laugh she stifled as she had when they sat on the edge of the training grounds watching the brutish sport before them. They spoke of many things. They spoke of books and learning and the sport they saw. They spoke of the lady Sif and her competitive spirit. Oh, how it must be disheartening to spend hours with her, to spar with that creature who clung so needily to his brother and the trio of blundering fools around him.

Therefore, he reasoned with a hint of wickedness in his eyes, she must be taught the error of her ways.

In the dead of night, he crept to her chambers, assured she would be deep in sleep. Were he any other male, perhaps she would have reason to fear, but he was not one of the foul ruffians she insisted upon spending her time with. No, his intentions were no danger to her virtue, though she herself put that in danger each time she draped herself over his brother's arm when demonstrating techniques in training. There was no doubt in his mind that if she were given the opportunity, she would grant Thor leave to perform all manner of vile acts upon her.

Loki shuddered at the thought, closing the door of her chamber behind him. He knew he needed to keep as silent as possible in order to ensure that he would not be caught before the deed was done. Should Sif awaken, he would be caught and swiftly punished by the Allfather. What then? Would be be able to see Sigyn smile again? Probably not.

Beside the bed, the young trickster placed a small, ornate wooden box and withdrew a pair of fine silver shears. In complete silence he knelt over the girl's sleeping form, heart thundering in his chest as he contemplated his task for a final time. It was possible that the sleeping drought that he slipped into her drink at the evening meal would wear off before he could finish, or this could have an undesired effect of making the kind, beautiful girl he wished to please angry... but it needed to be done.

In one hand he gathered a clump of the golden locks he knew Sif prized for the sake of her own vanity and the beauty they brought to distract from the ugliness she knew she had inside. With the other, he grasped the shears carefuly, hands shaking only for the first cut. The staggered sound of each strand being severed and the dead weight in his hand were satisfying to say the very least. From then the task was quick. Soon her golden locks were bound, tucked away in the little box which he tied with a silk ribbon.

Sif lay unconscious on the bed, her head mostly bald, though there were a few uneven patches of hair here and there. Loki knew he had no future shearing sheep or any such creature, and did not care to correct his mistakes. There were some places where he happened to graze the scalp and she bled, though it was not fatal and did not need any attending. It would stop soon, he knew, and could not help but grin as he slipped from the room. On the morrow she would have to show who she truly was, and perhaps the lovely Sigyn would enjoy her present. He certainly hoped so.


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Loki Odinson [Laufeyson]
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